19 July 2018

This is a message intended for shareholders of Arria NLG plc

Dear Arria shareholder,

We trust you received the announcement of Arria’s pending statutory scheme of arrangement sent earlier today via email. As it states, upon approval by the shareholders and the London court, the scheme of arrangement will place a New Zealand holding company over Arria NLG plc. For clarification, this is a preliminary step to seeking a listing of Arria’s securities on the main board of the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

The Scheme Circular/notice of shareholder meetings and proxies have been sent to you via standard mail. You should receive the package shortly. You can also go online to www.arria.com/investor-center/investor-overview and view or download the Scheme Circular at any time.

If you wish to access the blank proxy forms online or review Arria UK’s unaudited financial statement for the financial year ended 30 September 2017, please send an email to investor.relations@arria.com requesting a login to the investor center webpage containing these items. We will respond with a user name and password.

It is important that shareholders attend the 13 August 2018 Court Meeting and General Meeting of shareholders and vote on the resolutions, either in person or by sending in your two proxies on or before 11 August 2018. The scheme circular offers several methods of returning your two completed and signed proxies. If you hold your shares in certificate form, you may find the simplest way is to print, complete and sign the proxies, then scan or photograph both sides of each proxy and send the scans or photos by email to investor.relations@arria.com.

If you hold your shares with a broker rather than in certificate form, you need to contact your broker and instruct the broker how to vote on the resolutions rather than returning a proxy to us yourself.

Thank you for being a valued shareholder and for your ongoing interest and engagement in our mission to bring NLG everywhere!

Sincerely yours,

Sharon Daniels - Signature

Sharon Daniels
Chair and CEO



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