120217_CW_ICONS_375x375_Help Helen Smash#1 Help Helen Smash Hot Potatoes
With over 33K Emotional Reactions, Help Helen Smash is killin’ it this week. In this episode, Helen herself expresses her Love for potatoes — in a monotonous (and hilarious) sing-songy voice. Yes, potatoes, the root vegetable french fries are made from. Since 43.3% of all Emotional Reactions were Funny Reactions, her humor clearly resonates with viewers. Who knew potatoes could leave such an impression!
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in-the-know-innovation#2 In The Know Innovation Salt Attack
17.7% of all Emotional Reactions expressed Funny 
Reactions to the  ridiculous inventions featured on In The Know Innovation this week. If you have unwelcome pests in your home, this one’s for you. This episode presents a bug-killing shotgun to get rid of the little critters with salt. After loading up, the device allows you to fire up to 50 times – say goodbye to your fly swatters!
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kitchen insider#3 KITCHEN INSIDER Wine Please
When you think 'kitchen supplies', the first thing that comes to mind isn’t usually 'haha' – until now. 33.6% of all Emotional Reactions to KITCHEN INSIDER this week expressed Funny 
Reactions to all the amusing kitchen appliances featured in their videos. This episode highlights a huge bottle of wine from PlumpJack Winery. By huge we mean huge! It can hold 40 glasses of wine! Time to make a trip to Napa!
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funny in public#4 Funny in Public Neymar Challenge in NYC
With a name like Funny in Public, it’s no surprise they’re getting laughs. This week, 47% of all Emotional Reactions were Funny Reactions the show’s public antics. In this episode, QPark heads to the streets of NYC in a Brazil jersey. He executes the ‘Neymar Challenge’ (an act of rolling around the ground in fake agony) and the best part is easily New Yorkers’ responses to the rather absurd stunt.
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#5 INSIDER Presents A Very Large Egg 
With the goal of educating the public on some unusual topics, INSIDER Presents created some pretty laughable content this week with 14.9% of all Emotional Reactions as Funny Reactions. This episode features a restaurant in San Diego that serves eggs for brunch. Doesn’t sound so revolutionary does it? Well, how about an ostrich egg? Equal to 16 chicken eggs, the brunch ostrich egg is truly a showstopper.
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