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July 2018


Schoolnet Validation Study
on Variant: Limits

In the news section of our website you will find different articles on the Schoolnet Validation Study. In this new article we zoom in on the positive impact on student engagement, motivation and knowledge acquisition found in the Schoolnet Validation Study for the Triseum calculus game, Variant: Limits.


Future Classroom Lab Workshop  

Earlier in the month, Triseum CEO André Thomas led a workshop on enhancing creativity and innovation in the classroom. The course was hosted by the Future Classroom Lab, a European Schoolnet initiative that aims to create innovative instructional methods and which Triseum became an industry partner of in 2017.


Four Must-Attend Annual Events in Europe
for Supporters of Game-Based Learning

Europe is a hotbed for Game-Based Learning (GBL). Not only is the continent home to some of the leading innovators in educational video games, but European Union leaders have offered critical support for the use of innovative teaching techniques in classrooms across the continent, including educational video games, serious games and simulations.   

Every year there are a number of events where GBL experts can share their wisdom with one another and, perhaps more importantly, with others who are interested in learning about the benefits of GBL. 

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Five Ways Video Games Prepare
Students for Tomorrow's Jobs

In a fascinating EdSurge sponsored article, we find out about five ways video games transform learning and prepare students for tomorrow’s jobs: video games fulfill psychological needs, make us more social, improve academic performance, make it OK to fail and create meaningful experiences. The article was submitted by Classcraft, a Quebec-based gamification startup.

Instructor Testimonial  

“Variant: Limits not only helped my students learn challenging calculus concepts, but the intriguing storyline also gave us an opportunity to collaborate with our English department, helping students understand the game's plot."

- Michał Głatki (center), School Complex: nr 1 w Tychach, Poland

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