In a quick service environment, counter staff often don't have time to confirm order details with customers. But order errors can cost you time, money, and lost business. Customer presentation displays integrated with SpeedLine POS let customers confirm the details of their orders to reduce mistakes and increase satisfaction. And there are more benefits as well.

Reduce Mistakes

Customers see order details, changes, and costs in real time. Since every item and modifier is displayed as the order is entered, customers catch errors early, before the food is prepared. 

Boost Upsells

Drive sales with visual upsell prompts, highlighting specials and promotions at the point of sale. 

Order takers may forget to mention specials, so let the customer display do the work. Show mouthwatering photos of your promotions full-screen when the system is idle, and alongside the ticket during ordering. Use a customer display to promote your online ordering site, a new location, or upcoming events.

Deter Mistakes and Theft

An itemized list includes the cost of each item, any discounts, the total, and change due. Customers know the exact charges, making it difficult for staff to inadvertently or intentionally overcharge.

Extend Your Brand

Use your own logo, images, and colors to extend the reach of your brand. Choose image display time, and add as many images as you like.

Go Easy on Your Budget

Setup is easy and economical, with no additional software to purchase. For display hardware, use any second monitor of 12" or larger size with a VGA, HDMI, or Display Port connection, or choose Posiflex Rear LCD displays designed for your Posiflex KS or XT series all-in-one computers.


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