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Last month, we presented a webinar, Four Essential Elements of a Capital Campaign: The Case for Support (part 1 of 4). To download our webinar bundle which includes the webinar presentation as well as two valuable resource documents, The Case for Support and the Checklist click here. 

In that webinar, and any time I discuss a possible capital campaign, I mention a Feasibility and Planning Study which I consider a prerequisite for planning and managing a successful capital campaign. A study is crucial to the success of a campaign – and for the success of your organization. If you want to raise money through a capital campaign, a feasibility study can help you determine how much money you might be able to raise, who can serve as leaders and donors and to whom you should appeal. It determines what other campaigns are being run in the area, what kind of reputation your organization has in the community it serves, and it can help you begin to outline your campaign plan. 

Today’s article answers the question:  “Why should you perform a study and why now?“ if you already know you want to begin a campaign? The study provides depth and breadth, size and scope and confirms that now is a good time to proceed.  Once this question is answered, you can begin down the path of a study towards a campaign and reaching the goals of your organization. 

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Why Study? The Proper Role of a Campaign Feasibility Study

A number of myths or misunderstandings exist regarding the subject and purpose of campaign feasibility studies. Any number of questions naturally emerge among non-profit board and staff members: “Why do we need to pay for a study when we know we’re going to launch a campaign anyway?” Or the more suspicious: “Yes, I know what a study is-it is a process by which we pay a consulting company a great deal of money to recommend that we hire them to run a campaign.” Although amusing, both responses highlight a lack of understanding as to the true nature, purpose, and process of a campaign feasibility and planning study...

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4 essential elements of a Capital Campaign

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