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Ah, that summer sun is finally here! That means it’s time to kick back, relax, and consider how stress-free your summer will be when you work with a dedicated supplier like Polymer Technologies. We work with a variety of industries to tackle noise, thermal, vibration, and air and fluid transfer manufacturing challenges. We love solving problems and helping you accomplish more with your products and equipment.

With our in-stock products and warehousing, we provide fast turnaround times. We make it easy to get all the energy management solutions you need quickly, all under one roof. See what innovative changes are happening at Polymer Technologies!

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Industry Highlight: Solutions for Manufacturers in Construction and Agriculture

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping OEMs solve temperature, noise, vibration, and air and fluid transfer problems with our expertise in energy management solutions. We want to help you make your equipment more efficient and comfortable for operators. From barrier and isolation mounts for engine compartments and firewalls to insulation for cabs, our solutions increase both the appearance and functionality of your equipment.

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Product Highlight: POLYFORM® Molded Products

POLYFORM® custom molded foam is an all-in-one product that is used in a variety of industries. Why is it so popular? POLYFORM® is a 3D molded foam solution that encapsulates and isolates components. Not only does this product offer acoustic absorption, transmission loss, damping, and vibration isolation, but it eliminates parts, which can lower assembly costs and your number of suppliers as well.

Over the years, POLYFORM® molded foam has allowed:

Do more with less! Learn more about our POLYFORM® molded foam solutions.

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Shorter Lead Times Provide HVAC Manufacturer with Vibration Isolation Solutions On-Demand

A leading commercial manufacturer of heating, ventilating, and air conditions units (HVAC) came to Polymer Technologies with a problem: their supplier wasn't able to deliver isolation mounts on time. Yikes! Find out how Polymer was able to turn it around and not only find a comparable solution but deliver it on time.

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Keeping Up with the Demanding Trend of Machine Versatility

Engineers are always looking for more ways to implement new technologies in their machinery, and we’re here to help keep you on the cutting edge. Many factors are driving the trend for machine versatility, and most stem from the need to improve machine efficiency, eco-friendliness, and operator comfort.

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eGuide for Agriculture & Construction Material Solutions

Find solutions for acoustic control, vibration isolation, temperature control, and energy management for equipment manufactueres!

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eGuide for Aerospace Material Solutions

Learn about our recommeneded material solutions, technical data sheets, and informative articles when you download our eGuide.

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On the Road Again!

We look forward to attending the Farm Progress Show this August and exhibiting at WEFTEC in October! Check out our trade show line up to find out where we'll be.

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TDS Available for Download

Curious about specifics and potential applications? No problem! We have technical data sheets about our material solutions ready for you to download.

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