June/July 2018
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From the Desk of Tony Schultz

For 50 years, the Zoëcon family has been focused on meeting the needs of PMPs and their clients. But while we are offering insect control solutions, we’re ultimately protecting quality of life. This is a commitment we’ve carried from year to year, and season to season, and it’s perhaps never more important than in the summer. We want backyard BBQs protected from uninvited crawling and flying guests. We want summer vacations free of unwanted souvenirs coming home in luggage. We want families bringing back trophies from the weekend softball tournament, not insect bites. Read on to learn how we’re committed to protecting summer with solutions for the season’s most prominent pests.

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Southeast | Bill Barrs & Drew Lockhart



With the heavy heat and humidity our region has seen since spring, the mosquitoes are likely to be off the charts this year. The pests are more than just a nuisance, the CDC is warning that mosquito-borne viruses are likely to be on the rise this season. To help your clients reclaim their outdoor space and enjoy the backyard again, Zoëcon offers a comprehensive mosquito control bundle. For immediate control of adult mosquitoes, Lambda 9.7 CS offers a dual encapsulation formulation, providing a longer residual control. For areas in need of a bee-sensitive approach, Mavrik® Perimeter insecticide provides an effective alternative. For customers seeking a botanical solution, Essentria® IC-3 delivers effective control. For additional long-term control, consider tank mixing with Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Concentrate, an effective solution with no aquatic setback. Learn more about these products and tips for mosquito control in our informational “Reclaim the Outdoors” brochure.

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Central Mountain | Blaine Oakeson



Lava-Lor™ Granular Bait is one of our newest offerings at Zoëcon, but is quickly growing in popularity due to its effective control of a wide variety of crawling insects. The product features dual-active ingredients for the knockdown of cockroaches*, crickets, earwigs, ants** and more listed pests. Customers like the versatility of the label, allowing for indoor applications – including restaurants – as well as outdoor perimeter and broadcast treatments and even use in sewers. PMPs also like that the product has no specific Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements, further improving its versatility in the field.

*Excluding American cockroaches
**Excluding Carpenter, Fire, Harvester and Pharaoh ants

Gentrol® Complete Aerosol:

A One-Step Solution

Product Benefits
  • Combi-Aerosol: Adulticide PLUS IGR
  • Broad Spectrum Insecticide
  • Breaks the Life Cycle of Cockroaches, Drain & Fruit Flies and Stored Product Pests
  • Low Odor
Active Ingredients
  • (S)-Hydroprene 0.36%
  • Lambda-Cyhalothrin 0.05%
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West Coast | Scott Harris



We’re in the midst of peak fly season on the West coast, and PMPs will want to consider Musca-Cide® Fly Bait Spray for flexible, cost-effective control of flies. One bottle of Musca-Cide® Fly Bait Spray treats up to 1,500 sq. ft, providing nearly twice the coverage of the leading competitive product at almost 1/5 of the cost. Apply the product via tank sprayer, trigger spray bottle, paint roller, or paint brush to walls and garbage bins and garbage chutes to attract and kill house flies with the fast-acting, water dilutable formulation.



State of the Naturals Market

Learn more about botanical pest control products in this report from PCT Magazine.
Download the White Paper
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Northeast | Eric Picard



With the recent news about heightened tick pressure and potential disease transmission risks, the general public is more aware than ever about the threat of ticks. During the summer months, families and pets spend extended periods of time outdoors and are more likely to bring hitchhiking ticks indoors. Backyard applications, including perimeter treatments, are critical to preventing this pest from entering your customers’ homes. With increasing demand for softer, natural pest control options in the Northeast, Essentria® IC-3 is an ideal backyard pest control solution. For more information, download our “Fighting Pests with Botanicals” brochure.

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We are excited to announce that Tracy L. Harris III now oversees sales activities for Zoëcon Professional Products as part of his recent promotion to Vice President of Sales for all Central Life Sciences professional brands. Harris has been with Central Life Sciences for 16 years, most recently overseeing sales of Professional Agriculture products and earning a reputation for his leadership and guidance.

Welcome, Tracy!

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Midwest | Mike Leahy & Jake Clabaugh



Summers in the Midwest mean fair season, and fairs mean flies. Between all of the food tents and garbage cans, fairs present a perfect feeding opportunity for flies. The new Cyanarox™ Insecticidal Bait from Zoëcon is a great new tool in the fight against these nuisance pests, and has already proven popular among clients treating state and county fairs. This ready-to-use formulation offers no-dust applications, and can control up to 95 flies with a single granule when properly placed in a bait station. Beyond fairs, Cyanarox™ Insecticidal Bait provides an excellent option to be used in rotation with other baits such as QuikStrike® Fly Bait and Golden Malrin® Fly Bait.

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New Resources for PMPs

Learn more about the Gentrol®, Precor® and Zenprox® product lineups.
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South Central | Gary Ross & Mike Kunka



Fire ant activity remains steady as we've moved into summer, but the approach for treating them has changed. The two most important factors to consider before applying a fire ant bait like ProBait® or Extinguish® Plus are temperature and dryness. Baits should be applied in dry conditions only, and ideally not within 6 hours of a rain event. It is also most effective to apply when soil temperatures are between 74 and 82 degrees. This means that in the summer months, late day or even early evening treatments are recommended. Remember, you can save all summer long with our $0.50-per-lb rebate on purchases of ProBait® and/or Extinguish® Plus baits totaling 100 lbs or more.

Visit ZoeconFieldGuide.com to contact an expert Central Life Sciences sales representative. You can also find more information at Zoecon.com