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July 2018 Edition

The value of qualifying the quantified


This month we’ve been exploring a theme in our blogs, where we've seen ‘hard data’ combined with information of a more ‘qualitative nature’.


There’s Hedge’s blog on the potential of combining Ipsos ‘liveability’ data with Census data. Another qualitative approach we have been exploring is to add value to our data analysis in our consulting projects through case studies. In this process, we engaged brilliant journalist, writer and Foid (friend of .id), Peter Mares, to conduct interviews with key demographic groups that emerge from our data analysis and write them up as case studies.


We have employed this ‘case study’ approach with resounding success in our Toowoomba economic profile, our City of Moonee Valley housing analysis and more recently our City of Moreland housing analysis work.


This is a way to add richness and depth to the analysis. It links the intellectual brain to the emotional heart to give us a deeper understanding of the subject.

Author Ivan

Social Research

Measuring liveability in our communities



We spend a lot of time talking about demographic and socio-economic data, but what does it feel like to be living in Australia during this period of almost unprecedented population growth and demographic change?




Is Melbourne more crowded than New York?

Understanding SEIFA data


When The Age newspaper stated that Melbourne had "...reached a level of density greater than New York City”, Glenn thought he'd better examine that claim a little more closely. 


In the news

A closer look at 'middle Australia'

Victoria to SE Queensland migration


Last month the Prime Minister referenced the plight of a '60-year-old Aged Care worker in Burnie' in a debate about tax and the professional aspirations of Australians.

While that soundbite has long since been lost to the 24-hour news cycle, Keenan paused to research what an 'average income' actually looks like in Australia.



Higher-density living for families

Submit your questions for the 2021 Census


The relationship between housing diversity and demographic change is both complex and well-established.

In this, the first in a series of blogs about housing, we share a case study from Moonee Valley in Victoria, as they respond to the need for higher density living.


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