Product Notice #0333

Product Notice

Software Update for AudioCodes SBCs and Gateways
Version 7.20A.202

We are pleased to announce the release of Software Version 7.20A.202, a software update for our Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and Media Gateways.

This update includes resolved constraints as well as some new exciting features. For a full description of this software version, click here to download the Release Notes from AudioCodes Website.

This software update (.cmp file) is available for download from AudioCodes Services Portal at

Major Features

  • New Mediant Software SBC product - Mediant Cloud Edition (CE), supporting a new Cluster Media feature
  • New Mediant 800 Gateway & E-SBC hardware revision – Mediant 800C
  • New SBC capacity licensing model – “Floating License”
  • License Key of Redundant device included in INI file of Active device
  • Enhancements to the Media Transcoding Cluster feature
  • Triggering SBC device actions using SIP NOTIFY messages
  • SIP session time refreshes using UPDATE messages
  • Enhancements to randomly assigned SIP Contact user part
  • Improved handling of SIP dialog-Initiating INVITE messages
  • Increase in maximum character support for user part of SIP messages
  • SIP Digest URI handling for authentication and authorization
  • Handling SIP messages with unknown cryptographic suites
  • SDES and DTLS security in SDP negotiations
  • Graceful period for Automatic Update of ini File
  • Enhanced SNMP alarms for HA Redundant device
  • Serial number of Redundant device in keep-alive SNMP traps
  • Web interface’s logo hyperlinked to Topology View page
  • Mediant 9000 hardware status display in management interfaces
  • New default name for IP Interfaces
  • Reset no longer needed for Number of Media Channels parameter
  • New CLI command structure for parent-child configuration tables
  • Enhanced filtering of CLI show commands
  • Improved location of CLI command time-zone-format
  • Improved location of System Snapshots CLI commands
  • CLI command name change from "prefix" to "pattern"
  • New CLI commands for assigning Dial Plans to Gateway routing rules
  • New CLI commands for locking/unlocking device
  • New CLI command for displaying Activity reports
  • New CDR field -- 'Alerting Time'
  • Name and ID of Media Components (MC) now included in CDRs
  • Automatic IP address configuration for NAT traversal in AWS environments
  • New VoIPerfect Managed coder support using G.729

Affected Products

  • MP-1288 Media Gateway
  • Mediant 500 E-SBC & Media Gateway
  • Mediant 500L E-SBC & Media Gateway
  • Mediant 800 E-SBC & Media Gateway
  • Mediant 1000 E-SBC & Media Gateway
  • Mediant 2600 E-SBC
  • Mediant 4000 SBC
  • Mediant 9000 SBC
  • Mediant Software SBC Series:
    1. Virtual Edition (VE)
    2. Cloud Edition (CE)
    3. Server Edition (SE)

IMPORTANT NOTICE for Mediant 9000 SBC and Mediant VE/SE/CE

From Version 7.2.202 (incl.), when using any transcoding/DSP functionality, the device must be configured to use the "Optimized-for-Transcoding" profile, by the SBCPerformanceProfile parameter. However, the parameter's value is not automatically set to this profile in all upgrade scenarios.

  • If you are upgrading from a version earlier than 7.2.158, for the parameter to be automatically set to this profile, first upgrade the device to Version 7.2.158 before upgrading it to Version 7.2.2xx.
  • If you are upgrading directly to Version 7.2.2xx from a version earlier than 7.2.158, then configure the device to this profile, using any of the below management methods. Once you have configured the parameter, you must save your configuration to flash with a device reset.
    1. ini file: SBCPerformanceProfile = 2
    2. CLI: configure system > sbc-performance-settings > sbc-performance-profile optimized-for-transcoding
    3. Web: 'SBC Performance Profile' = Optimized-for-Transcoding (SBC General Settings page - Setup menu > Signaling & Media tab > SBC folder > SBC General Settings)


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