Product Notice #0331

Product Notice

SBC Capacity Update for Mediant 800B Gateway and SBC

For device resources and long-term roadmap considerations, the SBC capacity of AudioCodes Mediant 800B Gateway and SBC has been updated for Software Version 7.2.202 and later.

This capacity update includes a single SBC profile, covering SIP Trunking and registered users, as shown below:

SIP Sessions Registered Users RTP Sessions SRTP Sessions
250 1,500 250 250

For Version 7.20A.200 and earlier, the SBC profiles and capacity figures remain unchanged.

Note: This capacity update does not affect Mediant 800C Gateway and SBC.


Mediant 800B Customers running Version 7.20A.200 with 250 or less sessions are advised not to increase the session capacity beyond 250. Maintaining this number of sessions will allow Customers to benefit from new features and bug fixes provided in future software upgrades, without affecting their SBC capacity.

  • Mediant 800B Customers that are currently running over 250 sessions and plan to upgrade to Version 7.2.202 or later, should contact their AudioCodes sales representative.
  • Mediant 800B Customers that are currently running less than 250 sessions and plan to increase capacity to over 250 sessions are eligible to participate in a special hardware replacement program. Under this program, Customers that purchase a capacity upgrade of at least 100 sessions will receive a free-of-charge Mediant 800C device (supporting up to 400 SBC sessions) in return for their existing Mediant 800B. The program expires within a year of this Product Notice.

Affective Date

June 1, 2018

Affected Products

All AudioCodes products that are based on the Mediant 800B.


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