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Newsflash: Philly Tech Week happened. It was super fun this year.

It really was — largely because you came out and shared your ideas with us and mingled and even appeared in some great photos.

PTW offered a great way to demonstrate membership value to our Philly members. But that was spring, it's summer now, and we're looking to connect with our entire Mid-Atlantic member base. In that spirit we recently hosted a Member Lunch at Mount Vernon Marketplace in Baltimore. Special shoutout to member Chris Van de Verg for the great conversation!

We'd like to do more lunches in the coming weeks. Just let us know when/where works for you and we'll find the best time to make it happen. Hit reply on this email and we'll fire up the ol' calendar. Bonus points for outdoor seating. 🌞

See u later,

Zack Seward, Editor-in-Chief


Some leftovers

Leftover perks, that is.

We have some free tickets to the Franklin Institute. Take the kids, take your sweetie, go learn something cool. There's a new exhibit on the history of video games. Having recently played NHL '94, I can personally confirm that the classics really do stand the test of time. Anyway, hit reply if you're interested!


Members in the News

We've compiled a Twitter list of members.

(Random #tbt: Remember when Twitter was billed as a microblogging service? It's been a while. Also: Do this to travel back to 2008 Twitter. Time travel is wild.)

You can follow our list of members or use it to connect with likeminded supporters of local media (the best people, imho).

Do you have a plug and want to be featured in this section? Get in touch!


In mere minutes, Technically Media is hitting the road for its annual retreat. (Last year's was Downashore; this year we'll be in Monroe, N.Y., which I think counts as the Hudson Valley.) All 20 of us staffers do team-building exercises and set goals for the coming year. BUT DID YOU KNOW: will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2019. A good chunk of the retreat will be devoted to figuring out what that means: How do we celebrate it? How do we approach the next 10 years? Who are we, anyway?

So, if you have any thoughts about what 10 years of means, please do send them along. Feedback from our most loyal readers — some of whom have been here from the very beginning! — is wanted, and extra valuable.

Also, we're stopping at Dorney Park on the way back.



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