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May 2018


How a Video Game Does More Than Just Teach Art History

Anita Streich, Polish language and ethics education teacher, shares her experience on how using ARTé: Mecenas and a game-based learning approach not only taught her students art history, but also worked to instill social skills, decision-making skills and english language skills. Read More


Travel Back in Time to 19th Century Paris with ARTé: Lumière

ARTé: Lumière is an exploration game set in 19th century Paris with learning objectives focused on impressionist, realist and other modernist artists and artworks. The game will be available in fall 2018. For additional information email the Triseum team at


The Game-Based Learning Revolution in Europe: A Look at Four Key Initiatives

In recent years the European Union has aggressively invested in research on innovative approaches to education, including game-based learning and gamification. Europe’s openness to new learning strategies is encouraging. Its many successful game-based learning efforts serve as a model for games playing a critical role in improving education.

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STEM Discovery Week webinar

Triseum partnered with European Schoolnet to host the STEM Ahead webinar “It’s a game changer! How to motivate and engage students with game-based learning.” If you missed the live event, the webinar can be viewed at

Instructor Testimonial  

“Games can serve as an excellent instructional tool that can be used to help students think creatively, encourage experimentation and reflection, and provide opportunities for students to make safe mistakes.” 

From Karl Kapp, co-author of Play to Learn, author of The Gamification of Learning and Instruction, and professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University.

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