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Kinetic Buildings: An old technique, refreshed! faulty

Candy Lebby
by Candy Lebby on May 23, 2018

 Kinetic buildings. The name alone is enough to conjure up images of some science fiction movie but this creative innovation is already here. We’re talking about buildings that move, shape-shift and open and close like transformers.

"The construction industry has had its fair share of kinetic building projects"

This invention isn’t just about looking cool though. Kinetic buildings are all about making use of the space, finding new ways of creating space, and structural features that respond to the environment. Awesome.

If you thought this idea sounded like something from the distant future, you’d be mistaken. The concept of kinetic buildings has been around for centuries. Think drawbridges being attached to castles, and bridges ascending so that ships could glide past.

In the present day, the idea of moving architecture has been refreshed, thanks to advances in mechanics, technology, and robotics. 

The construction industry has had its fair share of kinetic building projects, with some stunning designs being unveiled almost every year!

Creativity, construction, kinetic buildings[Photo Credit: Inhabitat]

"They look amazing and are kind to the environment"

Kinetic architecture brings many advantages to the construction industry as well as coming in an array of unique structures and styles. 

Here are a few examples of moving buildings that really stand out to us for being striking and eco-friendly.

The Al Bahr Towers

This gorgeous 25 storey building in Abu Dhabi, features the world's largest sun-responsive facade shades or Mashrabiya, a geometric screen which protects the tower's occupants from the intense sunlight.

Built by Aedas in 2012, these towers are a testament to innovative forms and techniques of construction which had previously never been explored!

Now, onto why these towers are so remarkable. Not only does its screen provide comfort from the heat for those inside the tower, it also reduces solar gain by 50%! This, combined with the fact that the facade reduces the office's dependence on artificial light (did someone say eco-friendly?), makes for a very attractive example of how kinetic buildings are both helpful and sustainable.

Creativity, construction, kinetic buildings[Photo Credit: DiarConsult]

"The concept of kinetic buildings has been around for centuries"

Rossis’ House

Another shape-shifting structure which caught our eye is a beautiful house in Northern Italy which can rotate 360 degrees. It was designed by architect Roberto Rossi and is a striking image to look at! 

The house, which is octagonal shaped, is balanced on a central pillar and it can be mechanically rotated in different directions, to give the occupant of the house, a variety of stunning views. When the house is rotated the solar panels on the house are directed towards the sun. Now that’s the definition of multi-purpose! 

creativity, construction, kinetic buildings[Photo Credit: World Architecture]

Rossi’s house is inspired by an Italian house built in the 1930’s by architects Angelo Invernizzi and Ettore Fagiuoli which was an experimental two-storey house that rotated on circular tracks around a central point. It’s impressive to think that a shape-shifting housing design was around over 80 years ago! 

Kinetic building, creativity, construction[Photo credit: Archi-razionalismo]

"Who knows what the future will hold for kinetic buildings"

Looking at the different kinds of kinetic architecture is fascinating because they hold so much potential. They look amazing and are kind to the environment. 

When we think of kinetic architecture we think of the flashy, insanely expensive, one-off projects. That doesn't mean the demand for buildings with kinetic features isn't rising, because it is!

The construction industry is taking great innovative strides when it comes to playing around with structures. Who knows what the future will hold for kinetic buildings. We’ll let you know with an update when we find out.

"It’s impressive to think that a shape-shifting housing design was around over 80 years ago!"

In the future, we hope there will be more practical kinetic structures, with even greener capabilities. We can already see it: Rotating, energy efficient buildings on every corner. Or is that too much?

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Candy Lebby

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