SynergEyes Insight covers options for Myopia control and the NEW SynergEyes VS Webinar series.
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May 14, 2018

Research Overview: Options for Myopia Control

By James Kirchner, OD

Combating the progression of myopia has long been a source of frustration. Although we have a fairly clear understanding of how myopia develops, consistent and dependable strategies for treatment are still being developed. What’s more, in the United States, only ortho-K is an FDA-approved method to specifically treat myopia. 

On the positive side, a significant amount of new global research is helping to guide practitioners as they chart a course for patients at risk. Today, doctors have several effective tools for combating myopia and slowing its progression.

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SynergEyes has created a Duette Progressive patient video for you to share with your patients. The video highlights how all eyes are different and pupil sizes vary. Duette Progressive offers customized lenses that can be personalized for these unique eyes. This video can be embedded in your website by clicking the "share" icon on the top right side of the video.

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