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#1 Who Remembers? FernGully 
Does anyone remember the romantic fairytale FernGully? Well, that movie featuring a ‘batty’ Robin Williams was released 26 years ago. Yeah, let that sink in! With so much Love for fairies, saving the rainforest, and Robin Williams, it's no wonder that 38.9% of all 3,613 Love Reactions mentioned it was their favorite movie.
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humankind-stories#2 Humankind Stories The Annual Dive
The story of a paralyzed man’s Love for diving inspired a whole lot of Love from fans. The episode created 18.5% of all 2,492 Love Reactions to the Humankind Stories page last week, with many people pointing out his amazing courage (2.6%) in overcoming his paralysis.

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#3 Daym Drops Entertainment 1,000 Free Happy Meals
What’s one great way to spread happiness in the homeless community? Give out 1,000 free Happy Meals. That's right. Last week an episode of Daym Drops featured a video from Derek Deso, a content creator from LA. The 'ep' showed Deso handing out 1,000 Happy Meals to homeless men and women on the street. The generous act inspired 36.7% of all 2,189 Love Reactions to the show for the week.
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MLB Live
#4 MLB Live Brewers vs. Cardinals
This Brewers vs. Cardinals game aired on the MLB Live Facebook Watch page last week and received a whole lotta Love from fans. The live broadcast inspired 2,022 Love Reactions, with many fans expressing their love for games (8.6%) on Facebook (8.3%) because it’s the only way they can see the game live.
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AnimalKind Stories 2

#5 Animalkind Stories Fly With The Birds
Ever look up at the sky and think ‘I would Love to fly away with those birds’? Well, you’re definitely not alone. And this guy made it possible. The episode inspired 24.4% of all 1,992 Love Reactions to Animalkind Stories this week. Many fans expressed their Love of birds (4.1%) and how much this episode reminded them of the movie Fly Away Home (4.5%).
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