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April 2018

A Look at Rising Interest Rates, the Costs that Surprise Home Buyers, How to Research a Money Manager, and More...

Have you heard anyone expressing concern about rising interest rates? Doug Hutchinson took some time to reflect on how rising interest rates can impact price returns and encourage coupon growth. If, on the other hand, you're thinking about buying a new home (or know someone who is), we've rounded up a list of 18 questions you should consider asking along the way. This month we've also included 5 tips for researching money managers, 4 tax efficient money manager strategies, and an overview of why you should make sure your retirement plan is based on your specific goals. 

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Considering Tax Efficient Investment Strategies? 

Have you considered investing in money managers that have low turnover and/or fewer taxable events? Have you ever looked at any of these 4 managers?

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5 Tips for Researching Money Managers

Knowing what different indicators mean can empower you with tools to identify and invest with money managers that could help you meet your financial goals.

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Rethinking Retirement Based on YOUR Goals

Goals-Based investing puts your financial goals at the center of your investment plan. It focuses on identifying exactly what would make retirement look great to you. These easy exercises could help you identify what you’re really investing for.

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Should You Be Concerned About Rising Interest Rates? 

While rising interest rates could have a negative impact on the price return of a bond investment, this impact can be offset by coupon income. And as interest rates rise, investors demand higher coupon payments from newly issued bonds.

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the hidden costs of home purchases

Ready to Buy a New House This Year?

Here are some of the most surprising costs that new home buyers encounter. To make the process easier, we’ve included 18 quick questions you should consider asking.

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U.S. Taxation of Foreign Dividend Payments

Your friend believes that she can get a tax credit or a tax deduction on her US taxes for a foreign dividend she received last year. Is one better? Will she still owe additional taxes?

Test Your Knowledge

Have You Done Your First Credit Audit for 2018? 

Each of the three credit agencies - Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion - allows you to request one free report a year to ensure it's error free. To do a credit audit, you'll want to request a credit report from a different agency every four months, and then...

  1. Make sure that all of the information listed on the report is actually yours. Double check your name, address, Social Security number, accounts, and loans.
  2. Review the record for any clerical errors that improperly reflect closed accounts listed as open (or vice versa), payments as late (if they weren't), etc.
  3. Go over your credit inquiries and make sure that you authorized all of them.

If you see anything suspect, you can dispute incorrect information and request a credit freeze to make sure you aren't the target of fraud. Here's how to request a credit freeze.

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