Dear SEA members,

Our consultants continue to work closely with us on important outreach to decision makers in our effort to have DHS release the 68,000 visas permitted by the language in the FY 18 Omnibus. While we wish this would have already been resolved by now, we are confident our consultants are doing everything in their power to achieve the best possible outcome for all H-2B employers. I realize how frustrating it is that nothing appears to be moving when the solution is so straightforward and obvious, but internal politics are more complicated than they appear. We have to identify allies in the White House to get the result out of DHS in order to eventually achieve a long-term fix.

In the meantime it is important that you continue to educate your Members of Congress, Senate and DHS of the urgent situation at hand. Please refrain from being adverse or hostile but inform them that the spring season is advancing, your contracts need to be fulfilled today, you are losing business because of your lack of H-2B workers, you have interviewed ____ U.S. workers with ___ result etc. Continue to paint the picture of your economic harm and losses for them.

It would also be helpful to pass along this excellent article on the effect of the H-2B cap on the shrimping industry. "A job fair was also held in May of last year to find workers for approximately 100 boats in Palacios. Only two people showed up." This says it all! The lack of H-2B workers costs the shrimping industry approximately $5 million a day.

As always, please keep us informed of all responses that you receive. 

DHS Contact information

Twitter: @DHSgov
Phone: 202-282-8495

SEA Committees

I am pleased to announce the formation of Seasonal Employment Alliance member committees. The committees will be tasked with numerous critical functions. These functions include policy development, communications strategy, increasing H-2B employer engagement, etc. If you are interested in serving on a committee reply to this email. I will follow up with the interested persons for each committee next week. In order to serve on a committee one must be a SEA member in good standing. 

  • Zone/State and Metropolitan Grassroots Teams
    • Install leadership team for each Zone and Metropolitan area;
    • Leadership Teams will work to engage all H-2B employers in their geographic area;
    • Work closely with SEA Executive Director and communications committee to execute current SEA strategies.
  • Government affairs/strategic planning*
    • Work with DC lobbyists and committee members to establish objectives for a long-term H-2B program solution;
    • Analyze existing policy proposals and work with policy makers on future discussions about the structure of a temporary, non-agricultural guest-worker program;
    • Make recommendations on short and long-term political advocacy strategies.
  • Communications
    • Work with media team on obtaining airtime on talk shows and others;
    • Manage op-ed and letters to the editor campaigns;
    • Work with members to solicit local newspaper stories and TV segments;
    • Increase social media presence;
    • Develop content for social media.
  • Membership/Fundraising
    • In charge of membership recruitment;
    • Make recommendations on which members should be in which committees;
    • Drive members to SEA events (fly-ins, Annual Meeting etc).

*Committee membership will be limited to no more than two members from each Zone.

Reminder: SEA Membership

We intend to drop from the email list and discontinue membership services to all employers who have not submitted a membership application by April 15 and for whom a payment is not received by May 1. This will not apply if you are a member through your agent/attorney.

The SEA Agent/Attorney Members are as follows:

  • Action Visa Assistance
  • JKJ Workforce Agency
  • Labor Consultants International
  • MAS Labor
  • Petrina Group International
  • Practical Employee Solutions
  • Southern Impact
  • U.S. Americans Inc.

If your agent/attorney is not a member, please encourage him or her to join.

Submit your application by clicking here

We will follow up with an invoice after you submit your application.

Incorrect links on Hill letters

I apologize for the incorrect links on the Hill letters in the last email. Click here to view the signatories of the House letter and click here to view the signatories of the Senate letter. Please thank your Member of Congress if your Member signed one of the letters. 

Thank you for your continued support and efforts. I will be sure to keep you abreast of any breaking developments. 


Gray Delany
Executive Director, Seasonal Employment Alliance