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Will surging freight rates herald the return of the inflation boogieman?
General Mills sees quarterly profits compressed by freight-cost melt-up. Analyst sees no long-term repercussions, but short-term fluctuations.
By Mark B. Solomon

The “Now Economy ” and Your Supply Chain
In order to fulfill consumer demands and keep up with the e-commerce phenomenon known as the "Amazon Effect," supply chain managers are forced to adjust strategies so they won't lose loyal customers — or even worse, their business. In this report, learn how the "Now Economy" is disrupting supply chains and how some companies are overcoming these challenges.

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Hunter to introduce bill allowing drivers under 21 to operate rigs across state lines
Apprenticeship program would enable successful applicants to drive in interstate commerce.
By DC Velocity staff

Asleep at the wheel
Some trucking regulations can be changed or gutted. A preliminary study into driver sleep apnea should not have been one of them.
By Mitch Mac Donald

Ryder Smart Warehouses: Transform the Digital Supply Chain
The groundwork for the warehouse of the future is in place. Powered by the digital supply chain, tomorrow’s warehouse relies on a strategic mix of innovative technology to deliver end-to-end execution, control, and agility. See how Ryder is using innovative technologies to build smart warehouses that drive value, meet customer demands, and improve efficiency.

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Ryder launches asset-sharing platform to match users with owners of idle equipment
About one-quarter of all commercial truck assets sit unused more than one day a week, company says.
By DC Velocity staff

Transport interests get funding boosts in $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill
Trump proclaims disdain for bill as he signs it; transport folks can more than live with it.
By DC Velocity staff

Best Practices for New Supply Chain Talent Strategies
This report highlights key challenges companies are facing with talent management, as well as best practices for recruiting, training, and retaining a strong warehouse workforce.

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Freight projects win about 56 percent of TIGER funding in latest round
Freight projects' percentage of total pie at highest level since program began.
By DC Velocity staff

Truck-driver doll encourages girls to dream of 18-wheeled careers
Women In Trucking teams up with toy maker to market truck-driver stuffie.
By DC Velocity staff

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