111117_CW_ICONS_375x375_Who Remembers#1 Who Remembers? The Outsiders 
Who Remembers? consistently produces emotional gold. This week they reminded fans that The Outsiders turned 35 years old. Can we get a communal ‘wow’ on this one? The reminder inspired 11.4% of all 3,669 Love Reactions for the show this week. Throwback flicks like that really hit the soul, which is exactly what your shows should do. Stay golden Who Remembers?, stay golden.
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wwe mixed match

#2 WWE Mixed Match Challenge Semi-Finals
You know the drill. If you don’t, here’s the rundown. Every week, two couples battle it out on the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. The winner moves through the bracket. This week’s live episode resulted in a victory for Bobby and Becky that earned them a spot in the finals. Fans Loved the match, expressing 2,439 Love Reactions with most of them mentioning Becky (10.8%) and Bobby (4.1%) by name.
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Deep 6 the deep state
#3 Deep 6 The Deep State Congress and Trump
In Deep 6 The Deep State, Dick Morris attempts to filter out bias in these times of uncertainty in news. This week Morris claims that President Trump outsmarted Congress regarding his border wall, inspiring lots of Love from fans. The episode inspired 67.8% of all 1,982 Love Reactions to the show this week. It seems honesty is the best policy.
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PIttie Nation.png

#4 Pittie Nation Murphy
A charming episode of Pittie Nation inspired 94.9% of all 1,471 Love Reactions to the show this week. It detailed the story of a woman who adopted a pit bull, without realizing the amount of prejudice she would face. In order to counter the hate, she started documenting all his adorable antics. She’s now changing people's minds about pit bulls one post at a time.
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try not to laugh

#5 Try Not To Laugh Thirsty Much?
Water is the most important element of survival, and animals will go to any length to get it. This episode from Try Not To Laugh illustrates just how crafty they can be, and fans Loved their innovative attempts. The ridiculous water drinkers inspired 346 of all 1,385 Love Reactions to the show this week, with the ‘goats’ (2.3%) being the most lovable.
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