security at the point of saleAt SpeedLine, we are serious about security—from payment security to the controls in the point of sale system that can help you prevent internal losses. The National Restaurant Association estimates that employee theft accounts for around 75 percent of restaurant losses. 

So this issue, we cover some of the tools and controls you can use to deter theft. 

Security Privileges

SpeedLine security privileges allow you to customize what each department can do in the POS. This prevents many abuses before they can happen. There are more than 100 privileges SpeedLine's order entry application alone, so you can tailor privileges to curtail theft, but still allow employees to do their jobs without frequent overrides.

Privileges are normally set up by the SpeedLine trainer during installation, but you can adjust them at any time. Contact SpeedLine Support if you have questions about the privileges recommended for each employee job. 

To control cash, set SpeedLine to Prompt for Drawer Open Reason. This will show the employee name, time, and reason given for manually opening the drawer on the Account report. 

Time Clock Settings

One form of employee theft that's easy to prevent with your POS is time theft. Tardy arrivals, “buddy punching,”  extended breaks, and early departures cut into your bottom line and impact customer service. 

Inspect the Store Manager Breaks tab. This tab works with the time clock to require a manager override if breaks are not close to the allotted time.

If you use SpeedLine Scheduling , enforce clock in and clock out times.

fingerprint sensorFingerprint Scanners

The downside to passwords, swipe cards, and employee IDs is that they are easily shared. This makes it hard to determine who is responsible for specific transactions. 

Biometric scanners integrate with the POS to give you a positive ID on every transaction. Fingerprints can also replace strong passwords. You save time and money not having to provision and replace ID cards, or issue password resets. And knowing their fingerprint is tied to their transactions may deter staff from even attempting to steal.

Security Cameras

If you already use security cameras, sync the clocks on the cameras with your POS stations to match up footage with questionable transactions recorded by the POS, such as excessive voids or lower drawer counts, and determine whether theft is occurring.

SpeedLine also integrates with several surveillance partners to display POS transactions over video footage and provide additional features that speed up detective work and give solid visual evidence to prove employee theft. 


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