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A long weekend is upon us. HURRAH. In fact, you've probably already switched your out of office on and this email is currently sat in an unmanned inbox. If this is the case, no judgment. I'm just very jealous.

For those of you who are, like me, still stuck at work, here's some stuff to distract yourself with until 5pm ticks around.

Happy reading!

Claire on behalf of The Monkeys

For your mind...

Phil Nottingham Guest Blog

Video Marketing Tips

There's a really simple way to integrate video into your marketing. Phil Nottingham - video expert - spills the beans. Read more.

Aisha Kellaway Guest Blog

Writer's Block? BE GONE!

When in marketing, your words need to work really hard to convey a message. Luckily, Aisha has some tips for you. 
Soak up the knowledge here.

For your body...

Craig Pugsley on stage at Digital Gaggle!

Ticket Sales Ending Soon!

If you want your marketing to drive more sales for your business, then you will need to head to Digital Gaggle on 12th April. Hurry though - sales end soon.

Saved By Tech Conference

Saved By Tech

If you love learning about new and disruptive technologies then this event on 6/7th June will be right up your street. Get your 2-4-1 ticket here!

For your spirit...

A young woman holding a piece of paper with the world


Hell hath no fury like an enraged social media manager. Spare 30 seconds of your day and watch this for a laugh.

Young woman holding a piece of paper which says


Colin Moody is trying to photograph 1% of Bristol's population. The Monkey team were happy to help out - the end product looked...interesting. Check it out.

Man holding a piece of paper which says

*Evil Laugh*

Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa started doing creepy laughs UNPROMPTED. Some people thought it was a sign of a robot  uprising. Listen to the creepiness here.

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