Hi there,

This is just a reminder that Twitter recently announced to its API partners a change in behavior that will affect some Twitter features currently in GaggleAMP. Due to these changes, no Twitter API partner will be able to have applications that automate the bulk sharing of the same Tweet.

In GaggleAMP nomenclature, we call this Auto-Share. Auto-Share has been discontinued except for Retweets on Twitter as of March 16, 2018. Any Tweets that are scheduled via the Auto-Share function will end on March 22, 2018.

Because Twitter cannot distinguish if a Tweet was shared automatically or manually, GaggleAMP will also be removing the capability to ask all your Members to share the same Tweet without requiring customization from the Member on March 22, 2018. Any Tweets scheduled to start after that date will be automatically expired. To support our clients, the current Twitter Message action will be replaced by three new actions in the coming weeks:

  • Tweet the Answer to a Question -  Ask a question of your Members and ask them to Tweet the response (you can even recommend a hashtag that will be included in the tweet). For example, “What do you love about working at GaggleAMP? #LifeAtGaggleAMP”
  • Retweet with a Comment - Twitter’s Retweet with Comment or “Quote Tweet” is the recommended method for allowing your Members to add commentary to an existing Tweet. GaggleAMP’s Retweet action will be adding support for this soon.
  • Share Link on Twitter - Ask your Members to share a link to a piece of content, such as a blog post, on Twitter. Before sharing, your Members will be prompted to view the content and then provide their commentary.

We believe these three actions in addition to the other Twitter actions will provide a richer and more authentic engagement experience to your Members in GaggleAMP’s easy to use interface. 

The reason Twitter made this change is because it’s trying to combat the challenges that come with being an open platform. This of course is a challenge unique to Twitter that other social media platforms don’t have.

Twitter is still a valuable part of your marketing campaigns. Your Members will still be able to leverage the following existing Twitter activities that you recommend for them:

  • Retweet a Tweet (still available on Auto-Share setting as well)
  • Like a Tweet
  • Follow a Twitter User
  • Follow a Twitter List

The key to driving interest and engagement has always been in the quality of the content AND the authenticity of its delivery. If you are sharing the same Tweet today, switch to leveraging the great content you are already creating in new ways, such as having your Members Retweet it.

Eliminating automated bulk posting is the right thing to do for employees. If you have become reliant on this as part of your strategy, please contact your Customer Success Representative to walk through the best practices that will drive more authentic engagement for your campaigns. You will be amazed at the results!


Glenn Donovan
Director of Clients