by Peggi Axelson, Marketing Specialist

It's That Time Again! Tech Edge is Back!

On May 24, 2018, Nex-Tech will host Tech Edge for the 5th year! Tech Edge has established itself as the largest tech event in Western Kansas, bringing together vendors, end users, business executives, and IT lovers from...

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by Steve Riat, Director of Sales

The Difference Between Good and Bad Tips

We were at the dinner table this week and I am not really sure how the topic came up, but Caden, my oldest son, asked the question, “When a server at a restaurant asks you 'How is everything?' you wouldn’t say...

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by Curtis Flax, Technology Services Supervisor

I Am Tired of Scare Tactics and Cybersecurity

FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) are projected everywhere when it comes to cybersecurity. From my Facebook feed running ads of companies that say they can provide cybersecurity, to emails that I am afraid...

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by Aubree Broyles, Graphic Designer

Google Advertising – Too Intimidating?

The type of business you have might gear your marketing efforts in several directions, but there’s one thing we know for sure. Every business should  have an online presence, whether you...

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by Olga Detrixhe, Sales Supervisor and Kathy Marihugh, Technical Solutions Representative

Why We Focus on Partners, Not Vendors

Here at Nex-Tech we work with many different manufacturers, vendors and distributors to deliver the most cutting-edge and relevant technology to you. We pride ourselves in the...

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by Amanda Rohleder, Account Executive

Nex-Tech & Fort Hays State University Partner to Bring Cloud Phone to Campus

Cloud Phone has been the game changer in telecommunications for the last several years – it’s feature-rich, very scalable and easy to deploy, manage and use. The 2017 project at Fort Hays State University is a...

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