28467758_149139822428785_5519449766076296181_n.jpg#1 Chasing The Moment 8 Hilarious Party Games  
The show Chasing The Moment has slowly climbed the charts since its early February premiere. The Funniest episode inspired 3,582 of all 4,350 Funny Reactions this week with 8 hilarious party games to get the party started. The fan favorites were ‘cookie on the face’ (1.9%) and ‘junk in the trunk’ (1.7%), both of which were equally Funny and Embarrassing. The perfect party formula.
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#2 Help Helen Smash International Woman's Day
Help Helen Smash is no rookie when it comes to triggering foolhardy giggles. So for International Women's Day, she obviously felt the need to do something truly special. Her empowering idea? A ballad made especially for her female fans which inspired 2,494 Funny Reactions. We can’t say much about it here because we don't want to spoil the, ahem, surprise. Let’s just say it’s about loving yourself.
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Rick Lax Has Friends.jpg
#3 Rick Lax Has Friends After The First Date
A friend of Rick Lax is a friend of ours. No matter what situation they're in, we’re here for them. Whether it's dealing with first date awkwardness (12.1%), or playing a relaxing game of ‘The Silly Salmon’ (9.4%), we’re ready to help them recover by laughing hysterically at them. Fans of the show also have their back. This week they showed their support by expressing 1,734 Funny Reactions. It’s what good friends do.
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try not to laugh.png

#4 Try Not To Laugh BOOP!
It's no surprise that Try Not To Laugh continues to find its way onto our Funny Ranker. It’s impossible not to laugh at a cute animal. This week an episode with a name that's almost as cute as it’s contents –  BOOPS!  – effortlessly inspired 523 Funny Reactions. A close runner-up featured pets brushing their teeth, another easy 388 of all 1,718 Funny Reactions to the show this week.
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#5 Who Remembers? Aquamarine
If you’re a JoJo fan, one of your favorite memories washed ashore last week on Who Remembers? It's been 12 years since Aquamarine made a splash in the lives of mermaid fanatics and JoJo groupies everywhere. Fans expressed 603 of all 1,506 Funny Reactions about how this used to be (and for some still is) their favorite movie (10.8%).
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