123017_CW_ICONS_Who Remembers_375x375.jpg#1 Who Remembers? The Sound of Music 
This week Who Remembers? reminds fans of ‘a few of their favorite things’. Can you guess which episode was the most Loved episode this week? It's about The Sound of Music turning 53, and fans have not lost a smidge of Love. Fans expressed 1,133 Love Reactions to the episode, which is 27.2% of all 5,455 Love Reactions. Safe to say fans will never say ‘so long farewell’ to their favorite movie.
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#2 Nas Daily One Billion Views
A whopping 43.5% of all Love Reactions to Nas Daily this week were for his episode celebrating one billion views.  In this episode, Nas describes the journey and what's inspired him to carry on. Yep, you guessed it — it's his fans. The episode received 1,539 Love Reactions of all 3,534 Love Reactions to the show this week. It seems that Nas can’t go a day without inspiring Emotional Reactions in the world.
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wwe mixed match.jpg
#3 WWE Mixed Match Challenge Week 7 Match
There’s nothing mixed about the feelings fans have toward the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. The Banks/Balor vs. Miz/Asuka battle inspired 3,140 Love Reactions mostly about The Miz (10.4%) and Asuka (9.2%). Considering this episode generated 95.1% of all Love Reactions to the show last week, I’d say fans consider this one a perfect suplex.
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try not to laugh.png

#4 Try Not To Laugh Shibas
The Facebook Watch show aptly named Try Not To Laugh poses an impossible challenge that its 3.6M followers accept daily. The pet-centric show aired an episode last week that put fans to the test, a montage of Shibas doing cute Shiba stuff. The episode inspired 766 of all 3,172 Love Reactions to the show. With the most Love Reactions of all episodes last week, it’s safe to say Shiba love cannot be shaken.
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#5 BLyum Lucky Charms Pie
Everyone Loves food. Considering it’s one of the main ingredients of survival, it makes sense. Do we need a Lucky Charms Pie to survive? Probably not, but fans of BLyum Loved the idea. The charming episode inspired 93.2% of all 2,885 Love Reactions to the show last week and that's definitely not unlucky. 
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