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Any successful journey starts with a road map. Creating a thriving business requires a business plan: It clearly defines the objectives, the goals, and the timetable to get to the desired result.  Before a contractor starts construction on a building, he or she needs an architect or engineer to create a set of plans.  This outlines what you want to create and defines the specific steps to take to complete it. 

Much like an architect’s blueprint, the Case for Support is the rationale for conducting a capital campaign or the purpose of your efforts.  It outlines the challenges your organization faces and how you, as an organization, can help bring transformational change to the situation by getting folks to make needed investments in your capital campaign.   After all, people do not give to a need; they give to the people who ask them to help change the lives of those with needs and to create a better world through their investment. 

This month’s article discusses how you might approach the creation of a document to serve as your Case for Support, beginning with a project description.  Once written, you can test your case by sharing it with people through a campaign feasibility and planning study.  Then, after you learn how they react to it, you can polish it up, by adding photography and graphics; and by incorporating some of the best ideas people share with you during your study process.  When people see the finished Case for Support, it will naturally resonate with them and come to life with their ideas incorporated with photos, charts, graphs and testimonials demonstrating how their gift can help change one little part of the world for the better. 

Good luck!  Enjoy the journey. 

David G. Phillips

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