wwe mixed match.jpg#1 WWE Mixed Match Challenge Week 5: Round 1 
The WWE Mixed Match Challenge got ‘real’ this week with a highly anticipated match-up that caused even more Love Reactions than usual. It earned the #4 spot on our Funny ranker last week thanks to Rusev’s smack talk at the end of the episode. Rusev and Lana won their week-5 match causing fans to express 3,914 Love Reactions mostly aimed at Lana for her first win in the WWE.
Show Trend:  2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

123017_CW_ICONS_Who Remembers_375x375.jpg

#2 Who Remembers? Crossroads
Who Remembers? seems to provoke every emotion in the book (and on Canvs). This week, their viewers were reminded of their favorite “pre K-Fed” Britney Spears movie Crossroads, pointing out that it has been 16 years since its release in 2002. Fans filled the comments with their Love for this classic by expressing 1,689 Love Reactions.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Down_Red.png 

110417_CW_ICONS_375x375_Nas Daily.png
#3 Nas Daily We Killed The Internet
Nas Daily is perhaps one of the most forward-thinking Watch shows. This week, Nas took on the issue of clickbait in his ongoing mission to positively impact the world. The episode that inspired the most Love addressed the sexualization of media and called on content creators to stop abusing it. Fans expressed 1,025 Love Reactions mostly about their love for Nas (33.4%), his videos (10.7%), and his message (8.7%).
Show Trend:2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Down_Red.png

the declaration show 2.jpg

#4 The Declaration Presents Sarah Sanders & Press
The conservative Watch show The Declaration Presents is in our top 5 again, this time for inspiring Love from fans. The episode that drove them to the top this week featured White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders answering a reporter’s questions on the topic of classified information. Fans of the show expressed their Love for Sarah (35.7%) who they believe responded appropriately.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png


#5 Humankind Stories It Doesn't Get Sweeter Than This
Humankind Stories melted fans' hearts this week with two episodes that encompassed true compassion. The first featured a baby who was mesmerized by his mother and unable to break his adoring stare. Fans expressed their Love for the baby with 940 Love Reactions. The second episode was about a girl with cancer who married her best friend as her dying wish. The story inspired 524 Love Reactions.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

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