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February 2018

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Deputy President of Rybnik visits school 

The IV High School in Rybnik-Chwałowice (Poland) received a visit from Wojciech Świerkosz, Deputy President of Rybnik. The school is participating in the Game-Based Learning (Triseum & European Schoolnet) Validation Study and has received praise from policy makers for its innovative approach to education. More in this article (in Polish).

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Learning Solutions interview

André Thomas was recently interviewed by Matt Sparks from Learning Solutions Magazine. André spoke about Game-Based Learning and how one can get educational games to be adopted by schools. Listen to the interview to learn more about games adoptions and implementation here.



Playing games to learn (Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D)

Most people separate games and learning. However, to me and many others, the separation is not only artificial, it is the exact opposite. Games are filled with learning opportunities. Games are the ultimate teacher—patient, consistent and unbiased.

In terms of learning, at the bare minimum, a player needs to learn rules and strategies to be successful in playing the game, but games also teach content, problem solving, critical thinking and other skills we are striving to integrate into higher education. Games provide a robust framework which educators need to tap.

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Scalar Learning podcast interview

André Thomas was given the opportunity to talk about both Triseum and Variant: Limits™ in a podcast interview by Huzefa Kapadia from Scalar Learning.

Teacher testimonial

"Far too often, we teachers don’t sufficiently connect what students do in the classroom with the world around them, so they constantly ask, ‘When or where am I actually going to use this?’ That is why it is so critical for a student to not only acquire the educational content, but the ability to use the content to solve real world problems. Games like Variant:Limits™ make this possible."

From Ancia Rickovic who tested the game in her classroom in Serbia.

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