The Craziest Facebook Watch Shows


Rick Lax Has Friends.jpg#1 Rick Lax Has Friends Crazy Friendly Time
This week, we discover that Rick Lax not only has friends, but that he has crazy friends who like to capture their antics on video. Of the 41,708 Emotional Reactions (ERs) inspired by Rick’s friends last week 2,996 were Crazy Reactions. His friend Julio’s video, about a girl who transforms her whole look with makeup, inspired 700 Crazy Reactions — the most of all Rick’s episodes for the week.
Show Trend:  2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

the magic show.jpg

#2 The Magic Show Magically Crazy 
The whole point of magic is to shock and amaze the audience, so it’s no wonder that The Magic Show appears as #2 on our list. The show brought to you by our buddy Rick Lax, inspired 2,479 Crazy Reactions this week. In one episode, Rick and his friend Justin Flom perform tricks in a Facebook Live event. The episode inspired 73.4% of all Crazy Reactions to the show.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png 

the declaration show 2.jpg
#3 The Declaration Show Some Crazy Comments 
The Declaration Presents, a conservative Watch show, made it to our #3 Crazy spot this week with 1,698 Crazy Reactions. One episode featuring a man scolding Jay-Z for his observations about President Trump, inspired 1,698 Crazy Reactions alone. Most people responded that they believe the commenter was misinformed.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

who-remembers 2.jpg

#4 Who Remembers? Crazy Way Home
Always a top ranker, Who Remembers? reminds audiences how quickly time passes, and how Crazy that can feel. The episode about Homeward Bound inspired 6.7% of all Crazy Reactions to the show. Fans thought it was Crazy that the movie had turned 25 years old.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

nas-daily 2.jpg

#5 Nas Daily Crazy Interesting Perspective
Nas Daily grabbed #5 this week with 578 Crazy Reactions thanks to two heartfelt episodes. The first episode captured a Crazy conversation between Nas and a 15-year-old Orthodox Jew, who was surprised to learn Nas was Arab. The episode inspired 277 Crazy Reactions. In the second episode, which generated 150 Crazy Reactions, Nas awed his viewers by feeding 600 dogs with $100.
Show Trend:2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Down_Red.png

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