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 Dear Friends,

Sometimes it feels like old news, but Microsoft beat analyst expectations yet again during their second fiscal quarter.  They continue to demonstrate impressive growth in the cloud, and are steadily eroding the market share of AWS.  At Emerset, we see an increasing number of organizations using the Microsoft cloud, whether for their Office 365 subscriptions, or by utilizing Azure or other cloud services.

We would like to use our quarterly newsletter to announce that our CCO and company co-founder, Daryl Ullman, will periodically provide content on Computerworld.com, a leading online magazine serving an audience of 12 million enterprise-level IT managers in 47 countries.  Daryl’s extensive knowledge and experience in the software industry make him uniquely qualified to provide insights and perspective on a wide range of topics.  He has written two blogs to date, which can be found below: 

How can a Microsoft reorganization impact your organization?

Why is Microsoft so successful?

We hope you enjoy the reading and look forward to future articles by Daryl on Computerworld.com. 


Analysis of Microsoft’s® 2nd Quarter FY 2018 Earnings Report from a Licensing Perspective


By: Daryl Ullman

Microsoft® reports earnings in three operating segments: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing.

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Microsoft Office 365™ Security

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way many organizations manage their IT, but it’s not without its critics and concerns. Perhaps the greatest concern for many has been entrusting mission critical data and functions to a third party.

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Microsoft® Office on Chromebooks™

Much has been said and written about Microsoft’s® post-Ballmer strategy of offering Microsoft products on devices and platforms which compete with Windows™. There were many years during which it made sense to leverage the market dominance of Windows, particularly with Office, as both the popular OS and productivity suite were global standards which combined to minimize competition in their respective space.

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Microsoft Office 365™ F1

When it comes to commonly used productivity software, Microsoft® has dominated the market since the introduction of Office in the early nineteen-nineties. Microsoft Office is such an industry standard that even its competitors must have some degree of compatibility to get the attention of potential users, although that compatibility is often overstated.

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Microsoft® Cloud Solution Provider

Microsoft’s® Volume Licensing Program has been around since 1993, and its various components are the most common way organizations purchase software licenses from Microsoft.

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Is Azure™ the King of the Cloud?

We have been predicting for some time that while AWS is considered the market leader in cloud computing, Microsoft has a tremendous advantage with Azure and Office 365 among enterprise customers. On November 7, 2017, Forbes declared Microsoft to be number one, at least when measured by reported (or estimated) revenue.

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Always Connected Personal Computers

It has been interesting to watch the progression of portable computing during recent years. While businesses and consumers typically want devices which are smaller and lighter, manufacturers are faced with constraints surrounding battery life and connectivity, among others.

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