The Most Loved Facebook Watch Shows


123017_CW_ICONS_Who Remembers_375x375.jpg#1 Who Remembers? Spice World
Who Remembers?, the Facebook Watch show that regularly posts emotional throwbacks, took our #1 spot this week with 21.4% of their 43,638 Emotional Reactions (ERs) expressing Love. The episode that drove the most Love Reactions for the show was about the Spice World movie, which premiered 21 years ago this month. Fans told us what they really, really want with their 2,544 Love Reactions to the ep. 
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

123017_CW_ICONS_Nas Daily_375x375.jpg

#2 Nas Daily This Free Home Is For You!
Nas Daily has been a top show on our weekly ranking for a while now. With an episode last week offering free condos in Israel and Palestine, this #2 spot was clearly earned. This week, 36.7% of all 11,547 ERs were Love Reactions. It’s no surprise that 43.8% of those Love Reactions were inspired by the free apartment ep, because what's better than traveling? Traveling with a free place to stay!
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png 

101917_CW_ICONS_375x375_The Fiona Show.png
#3 The Fiona Show Year One Recap
Baby hippo Fiona celebrated both her first birthday and the Season 2 premiere this week. It goes without saying that this is an accomplished one-year-old hippo. Of the 11,023 ERs she inspired last week, 3,375 were Love Reactions. Her Season 1 recap inspired 1,560 Love Reactions, and her Season 2 premiere inspired 1,815. Clearly, fans are ready for another year of cuteness.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

tom vs time.jpg

#4 Tom Vs Time The Physical Game
It seems like everyone is feeling something about the new Watch show Tom Vs Time starring Tom Brady. Fans of the show expressed 2,109 Love Reactions last week. 67% of those Love Reactions were in response to the first episode, which focused on the Patriots' Super Bowl LI win and how Tom trained for the 2017 season. Considering he’s in Super Bowl LII this weekend, we can assume the training went well.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

Rick Lax Has Friends.jpg

#5 Rick Lax Has Friends Savage Girlfriend
Rick Lax is not Funny, Exciting, or Lovable, but his friends certainly are! So he created a Facebook Watch show just for them. This show is a compilation of videos from all types of content creators. Together, his 17 episodes this past week collectively inspired 2,935 Love Reactions. 14.8% of those Love Reactions were inspired by this video of a savage relationship,  because sometimes love hurts.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

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