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I recently had one of those “well, duh” moments. Something important was missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Then, it was so obvious I just laughed. 

For the last year, we have been sharing books through The Coaching Digest. You tell me you love reading the books and that you are getting a lot out of them. And you want to discuss them. Yay! Wait, how to do that? 

That’s where the “well, duh” moment came in. We can do it virtually. Thus was born The Capable Mind Book Club. We are hosting this group on LinkedIn, because the books we recommend will fit our big themes: Perform at High Levels – Lead Big Change – Stay True to Your Core. 

To join the Book Club, simply click here. Our first book is "Essentialism" by Greg McKeown. It’s the perfect combination of easy reading and life changing opportunities to clear your plate to do only what matters most.

We will continue to recommend books at about the same pace as always – once a month. The bonus is the ability for you to read what others are saying about the big ideas in the book. We are looking forward to amplifying the insights through conversation. We want to hear what you really think – even if it’s different than what everybody else is saying.

That being said, speaking up is not always the easiest thing to do. How do you do it when you are going against the crowd? Or speaking truth to power – when you feel like you have no power? In the latest blog post, “Standing Up in the Face of Dissent."  I share some real-life stories where speaking up did and did NOT occur. The consequences can be life-changing, as you will read. 

Adam Galinsky has researched the dilemma of finding the courage to speak up in this TEDx talk How To Speak Up For Yourself. He includes very practical strategies and mindsets for overcoming the self-doubt that sometimes clamps our mouths shut.

We also included the latest episode of My Boss My Mom. Jen and I speak with Katherine Shoulders, who had just completed a week-long retreat at Mystic Waters. Katherine is a fitness professional with some extraordinary gifts to share with the world and came for the week that was like a “training camp for her inner self.” She also shared Foundation Training with us, which I loved! I’m hoping it will help improve my posture – and my skiing.

We want your voice in these conversations so please do join the Book Club. Let us know how it’s going for you and if there are any books you would recommend.



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The Coaching Digest

Recently, I’ve watched a couple of true-story movies that involved pivotal and historical moments where a key person had a chance to stand up in the face of dissent. In our corporate lives, we often deal with make-or-break decisions in the face of disagreement, conflict and even bullying. 

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Speaking up is hard to do, even when you know you should. Learn how to assert yourself, navigate tricky social situations and expand your personal power with sage guidance from social psychologist Adam Galinsky.

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Latest Episode: We sit down with Katherine Shoulders who has been teaching out how to train our bodies to do what we want it to do instead of adapting to our lifestyle. She also discusses what she got out of her retreat she just finished with us.  

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You are operating at the speed of light these days, and you need to build your capabilities at the same speed. One of the best ways to build your capabilities is through books. These days, it seems like there is a new “it” book every week. How do you decide what to read? Join our Book Club and follow along. You will also get insights of what other people got out of the book.

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