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January 2018 Edition

“I am not an animal, I’m a human being” - Elephant Man

I’m amazed to hear .id described from time to time as a software company.

It reminds me of the profound moment in David Lynch’s 1980 film Elephant Man where he passionately retorts, “I’m not an animal, I’m a human being!”

I feel like saying, “We are not a software company, we’re consultants!”

More accurately though, we are collaborators. We share our knowledge with our clients to make informed locational decisions. We are a consulting-led enterprise who designs and delivers compelling web applications.

As collaborators, we are driven to share our knowledge and our clients’ knowledge in the process of making informed decisions.

One of the ways we do this is through our blogs. We have already published eleven blogs this year, sharing our knowledge across a broad range of subjects, largely based on projects we have completed, our analysis of the latest census and other ABS data, as well as the latest results of our economic and demographic modelling activity.

This year our consulting work will be focussed on informing decisions around the rapidly changing housing needs evident across our towns and cities; linked to this is the need for analysing and monitoring the changing employment environment, providing insights into planning for schools and age care, and helping institutions with advocacy and obtaining grants for their projects.

As we go, we will share what we learn with you all through our blogs, e-books and conference papers.

Sharing knowledge is the essence of collaboration. Perhaps we should state, “We are not Consultants, we are Collaborators!”


Record breaking babies

Australian birth figures hit an all-time record

geographic scale


More Australian babies were born in 2016 than in any other year in our history! 

At a glance, that's an amazing statistic. However the more interesting story (that has important implications for our future population) is the birth rate - the number of children born to women of childbearing age. 

And that figure tells a very different story.


Australia's largest cities and towns

1986 vs 2016

Marriage equality vote


There are no prizes for guessing Australia's top three cities by population!

However, as you scroll down this list of Australia's top-20 most populous cities and towns, some the changes in that list over the past 30 years may surprise you...


Where are all the jobs?

(clue: maybe not where we thought)

crystal ball gazing


As population growth in our cities has seen a corresponding growth in inner-city jobs, you could be forgiven for missing the remarkable growth of jobs in some of the outer-suburban, regional and remote areas across Australia.

In this piece, Keenan unveils the extraordinary jobs growth in areas beyond our CBDs (as well as the root cause of some misleading reporting on the subject).


Analysing Census data

The 237 different ways Australians get to work

2016 method of travel to work


The method of travel to work data captured in the Census has significant implications for the planning of our public infrastructure. 

In this piece, Glenn explains how we make sense of the 237 different 'journey to work' combinations recorded by Australians, highlighting interesting trends in public transport, bike riding, walking to work and working from home.

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