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#1 George Takei Presents Excited for Silence
George Takei proves (again!) he’s a leader in understanding how to get viewers Excited. This time, the hit Watch show inspired 38,112 Emotional Reactions (ERs) last week β€” with nearly 3.2% Excited Reactions. An episode about a man who spent a whole week silent drove 5.5% of all Excited Reactions on the page.
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#2 Nas Daily Tax-Free Living
Last week, Nas Daily came in at #2 with 5.4% of all 8,746 ERs expressing Excitement. Over 30% of all Excited Reactions were driven by an episode on a city with no taxes. The city Eilat, located in southern Israel, is one of a few cities in the world where taxes are completely nonexistent. Fans were pumped that Nas himself was SO Excited about not paying taxes.
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#3 Gabby Bernstein Excited for a Fresh Start
Coming in at #3 is a new show by motivational speaker Gabby Bernstein. Turns out her fans are truly Excited for her to be on Watch, as 23.3% of all ERs to the show expressed that emotion. The episode driving the most Excitement was when Gabby β€˜got honest’ with her fans about her new book Judgement Detox. The episode drove 60.6% of all Excited Reactions to the page.
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#4 Who Remembers? Excited for a Long Overdue Return
Watch viewers clearly enjoy taking a walk down memory lane. This week, Who Remembers returned to the list with 2.3% of all ERs conveying Excitement. A look at The Last of Us scene was particularly popular, driving 12.5% of all Excited Reactions where viewers expressed their excitement at tuning in to the sequel. 
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Down_Red.png 

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#5 The CrossFit Games Excited for a Toned Bod'
5.3% of all ERs to The CrossFit Games last week were Excited Reactions. The episode driving 20.5% of all Excited Reactions focused on whether gym enthusiasts feel more accomplished on days they go to the gym. Viewers expressed how Excited they are to see their friends try a similarly complex workout as the woman in the episode.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

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