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The rise and rise of 'Marvellous Melbourne'

Marvellous Melbourne


Melbourne is in the midst of massive population growth, with an average of 400 new residents calling Victoria home each day.

Read Esther's blog about Victoria's changing population and housing trends. For more in-depth information, read our new Marvellous Melbourne reborn eBook, where we examine what's driving Victoria's population growth and explore how different parts of the state will fare in the future.


New population figures

Australia continues to grow - rapidly

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How has the population of Australia changed since the 2016 Census? 

The short version: Victoria continues to be the fasting growing state in Australia, net overseas migration has peaked at the highest levels since 2009 and people are moving back to Queensland and Tasmania after a few slow years.

The longer version, here:


Changing populations

Blog series: planning for migration



In recent years, the impact of migration on the demographic profile of Australia and New Zealand has been massive.

While the natural cycles of births, deaths and ageing let forecasters predict the future of places with relative confidence, trends in migration, can, and do, swing wildly.

Forecasting how migration will impact a population is a nuanced exercise. In this series, Penny shares some insights that will be relevant to most planning teams in Australia and New Zealand.


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Need funding in 2018? This one's for you.



In this free download, our consulting team share the framework they used to help our partners in local government win over $187 million in funding in 2017. 

The .id grant application guide combines a four-part framework to help you structure your submission clearly, and step-by-step instructions on where to find and how to use freely-available data to build a solid case for funding or investment.

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