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We hope you make the effort to enjoy the holiday season. We’ll be back with even more emotion measurement insights for Watch in the new year.

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#1 George Takei Presents Beautiful Baby Shower
Out of the 13,020 Emotional Reactions (ERs) to George Takei Presents this past week, 17.2% of them were driven by Beautiful Reactions. The episode which inspired the most Beautiful Reactions highlighted a few unique ways to display diapers for the next baby shower you attend. 
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

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#2 Tia Mowry's Quick Fix Beautiful Hair
Coming in at #2 is Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, the Watch show which helps viewers to solve all of life’s little dilemmas. This past week, 53.4% of all Beautiful Reactions to the show were driven by the episode showing how to get some stylish braids for the holiday season. The video inspired a total of 185 Beautiful Reactions.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png 

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#3 Nas Daily A Beautiful Soul 
Nas Daily has a way of opening viewers’ eyes to new worlds and experiences. This time was no different, as Nas took on a more personal approach to his episodes. This past week, 47.7% of all Beautiful Reactions were driven by the episode Nas produced about his mother, and 10.6% of the episode’s 1,213 ERs expressed Beautiful Reactions.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png


#4 Humankind Stories A Beautiful Reaction
Last week 9.7% of all ERs to Human Stories were Beautiful Reactions. 19% of all Beautiful Reactions were inspired by this episode about a boy named Cayson who has a color deficiency that keeps him from seeing any color. The episode follows Cayson as he sees color for the first time, and the moment is, well, beautiful.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png 

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#5 DIY with Hometalk A Beautiful Time of Year 
Coming in at #5 this week is a show focused on some creative ways to make your home more beautiful this time of year. The video driving most Beautiful Reactions was a live video on wreath-making; it inspired 680 ERs, 17.8% of which were, of course, Beautiful Reactions.
Show Trend: 2017_CanvsWatch_Arrow_Up_Green.png

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