3D Scanned Old Helsinki Scale Model for Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Together with the city of Helsinki, we created this augmented reality optimized model of an old city plan designed by the famous architect Eliel Saarinen. The original scale model is over one hundred years old and has been digitized into a 3D asset by using 3D scanning with photogrammetry and then optimized for real-time rendering and streaming from the cloud with Umbra Composit.

We have made the optimized model freely available through the Umbra Composit platform for anyone to use in their Unity projects.

Here are the instructions on how to get access to the model:

  1. Sign up at umbra3d.com/signup
  2. Download the Unity plugin
  3. Install the .unitypackage into your project
  4. Create the Umbra runtime script
  5. Use the following secret key in the Umbra runtime script: a5021e137de6aced03b6b38c5623c1e9
  6. Choose the model from the dropdown in the Umbra runtime script
  7. That's it! Your model should now load into the projects and be visible in scene and game views.


Read more on importing large 3D models into Unity.

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