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December 2017


Kick-off Validation Study

The joint European Schoolnet and Triseum Validation Study has officially kicked off. Secondary school teachers from the participating countries (Poland, Greece, Norway, Portugal, and Italy) were trained on game-based learning (Variant: Limits and ARTé: Mecenas) on November 17-19. The 20 participating teachers are now ready to start using game-based learning and the Triseum suite of games as part of their classrooms. A total of 16 schools will participate in the Validation Study, which will run through March 2018. Results of the study will be available in summer 2018.


Upcoming event

On December 6-8 the annual OEB Conference will take place in Berlin. On Dec 7, Andre Thomas, CEO at Triseum and Amber Muenzenberger, Director of Learning at Triseum, will join Hariklia Tsalapatas (University of Thessaly), Jim Kiggens (Adtalem Global Education), and Benjamin Hertz (European Schoolnet) for a panel discussion on game-based learning in the classroom. To learn more about game-based learning stop by stand B54 to see how Triseum is transforming student performance in the EU!


Variant: Limits used in STEM Ahead Competition

STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics) skills are very important in today’s economy. The STEM Alliance, an initiative from European Schoolnet, works together with industry partners to improve STEM education in Europe. Through its STEM Ahead Competition, the STEM Alliance had STEM teachers pilot one or more new resources or technologies in their classrooms. Triseum’s calculus game Variant: Limits was selected to be one of the approved vendors for the STEM Alliance Competition.

A total of 3 schools based in Romania, Italy and Greece chose to use Variant: Limits in their class for the four week competition. Variant: Limits is Triseum’s award-winning 3D adventure game that teaches calculus concepts focused on limits. 

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Rave review for ARTé: Mecenas

Extra Credits is a popular YouTube channel that takes a serious look at games. Recently, it published a rave review of ARTe: Mecenas. Extra Credits wondered if the game was available online for download. We’re happy to announce that Triseum launched its online game store this summer where students, teachers and school administrators can purchase games for their own use or classroom learning.

Greek Mathematical Society 

About 1,600 teachers attended the 34th National Conference by the Greek Mathematical Society. Triseum organized a Game-Based Learning Laboratory where students had the opportunity to discover how Variant: Limits can help them grasp the concept of limits in calculus. Following the event, numerous Greek and Cyprus schools signed up to begin letting their students use Variant: Limits.


About Triseum

Triseum grew out of the LIVE Lab in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University, which is why education will always remain at the heart of this gaming company. Since then, Triseum has partnered both in the United States and in Europe with industry leading experts in gaming and instructional design dedicated to building the highest quality educational video games. Creating world class digital experiences that profoundly impact students, Triseum's bold curiosity means pushing the boundaries of what educational games are all about.

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