sriat.jpgGeek Gifts 2017
By Steve Riat, Director of Sales

As usual, I have a full Christmas list of Geek Gifts I want this year and a group of items that I couldn't wait for and purchased already. To start with, I have recently upgraded my laptop to a new Lenovo T470s, which is a bit pricier than Santa's budget. However, one accessory that I had to...Read more

dwalters.jpgWhat's Old is New Again (Well, Mostly New, But Also Old-ish)
By Darren Walters, Sales Engineer

I realize the title of this article may be a bit confusing, but it is true.  Voice over IP, or VoIP, is not new technology.  Nex-Tech has been deploying various IP based voice technologies for around 15 years.  Also, the concept of “Cloud” is not new either.  (I will admit, however that...Read more


nrushton.jpgHow to Compete with the Big Guys
By Nicole Rushton, Advertising Solutions Representative

The biggest season for retail sales is just around the corner. Are you ready to compete with the big guys? How can you take on big names with national advertising campaigns and ensure you also have a successful holiday sales season?  Here are a few tips... Read more

curtis.jpgRemote Monitoring and Management: Like Having Chuck Norris on Your IT Team 
By Curtis Flax, Technology Services Supervisor

You’ve probably heard a Chuck Norris euphuism like “Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas” or “Chuck Norris can do a wheelie on a unicycle”. These clever one-liners are usually good for a little chuckle, but the underlying message is always similar: Chuck Norris is tough, watchful, and...Read more

anmiller.jpgMaking the Most of Your IT with Virtualization 
By Andy Miller, Systems Engineer Lead

In today’s technology world, we are continually finding ways to do more with less. Virtualization is a perfect match to eliminate multiple problems, because you can run several servers on a single piece of hardware. With the traditional setup of a single server running directly on a piece of hardware, you will find that over time you...Read more

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