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October 2017 Edition

Break the rules! (Use the tools)

An insight into modern marketing was no revelation to us at .id.

The rule is, “Don’t talk about yourself - be generous and offer your insights to engage people”.

So, forgive me for breaking the rule, just this once.

Nearly 20 years ago, when we developed our online tools for Local Government, we were advised to “lock the sites down - people can pay for a login to access the information.”

Our intuition, however, was to do just the opposite: anyone with access to the internet can access .id’s tools.

Since our last .id insight newsletter, we have published eight blogs, covering the topics such as story telling with data; tips and tricks for using Census data; an analysis of the Second Release Australian Census data; insights into national trends; a continuation of analysis of the question of housing affordability in Australia; how to understand ‘places’ using Census data, ; and a transparent review of the performance of our forecasts, now we have up-to-date population figures.

Sure, you might notice a little self-promotion (each blog references our rich pool of resources), but our intention is simple - we want you to use these free tools. 

Our research tells us that you are not using these resources anywhere near their full potential. These aren't just tools for finding data. They are designed to help you tell compelling stories and build meaningful analysis. These are the tools we use to do our in-depth consulting work!

Read our blogs, immerse yourself, ask us questions, share the knowledge, and most importantly, unleash your curiosity.

You will benefit, your organisation will benefit and our communities will benefit. .id’s vision is to contribute to a good society and this is how we do it.

Author Ivan

Census data

Early insights from the second release

Second release Census data now being released


If you follow (read: await with bated breath) Census data annoucements closely, you would already know that the ABS don't release all the data from the Census in one go.

Last week, we received the second release of data, which included fresh insights to topics such as journey to work, employment, industry, qualifications and place of usual residence.

While we're loading this data into our online tools for local government, read up on these early insights from the second release data.


Housing affordability

Rents on the rise

Rental prices in Australia are on the rise


When Glenn wrote his 'What housing affordability crisis?' article back in August, he knew he was courting controvercy

Who knew our mild-mannered Census expert had a shock jock streak?

The original piece pointed out that, amid a well-publicised housing-affordability crisis, average mortgage repayments had, in fact, gone down between the 2011 and 2016 (the result of historically-low interest rates).

Those who left comments on the article rightly asked 'What about rental prices?'

Here's Glenn's response.


Pro tips

How to tell a demographic story

Estimated resident population revisions  - 'they keep moving'


If you're new to this caper, or you only get your hands dirty with demographic analysis every now and then, this piece by Victor is a nice step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of telling a demographic story.

Armed with this guide, you can confidently jump into using our free online tools, or get more from a subscription to our new Census explorer tool. 



Free resources

The big picture: a community profile for Australia

The Australia community profile offers demographic insights for the whole country with 2016 Census data


Of all the online tools we make freely available, the community profiles are by far the most popular; accessed by over 1 million users last year. 

Most of our community profiles are for individual local government areas or regions. However, we also make a community profile for all of Australia freely available (and now with 2016 Census data!).

You can check it out for yourself, or read Andrew's blog, where he has uncovered the most interesting stories of population change in Australia from the past five years, using this free community profile.



Reviewing our forecasts - how close did we get?

.id SAFi population forecast team can now review their forecasts against the 2016 Census data


When the ABS released updated Estimated Resident Population figures recently, our SAFi population forecasting team had the opportunity to review their work. 

Now we know the population count - how did we go with our forecasts?


Tips and tricks

Understanding Census data

What housing affordability crisis


Now that 2016 Census data has been available in our free online tools for a couple of months, many of you will have had a dig around to see what's changed in your community.

Our consulting team use these tools to conduct in-depth analysis for local government and private sector clients. We asked them to share some of their tips to help you understand, interpret and analyse Census data.


Local Government forecasts

Updates in progress



Like team SAFi, when the ABS released updated population figures from the 2016 Census recently, our local government forecasting team were able to review their work.

The updated figures are also an opportunity to 're-base' their forecasts, with the up-to-date 2016 Estimated Resident Population (ERP) by single year of age and sex, and dwelling data from the 2016 Census - key inputs to the forecast.id model.

This is a large project which will improve the accuracy of over 130 forecasts.  

As each council's forecast is updated, they will also receive status reports from our team illustrating the change between the 2011 and 2016 Census years, as well as comparison of our population forecast results with ABS results.

If you're looking at a forecast for your area, you will see this notification at the top of the page when your forecast has been re-based with 2016 data.


Track our Census updates

Be the first to know about each new release

community profile from .id - the population experts


We've finished updating our tools with data from the first ABS release of data from the 2016 Census. 

We've received the second round of data from the ABS, and are now working to load it into our online tools.

Bookmark our Census update tracker page as a quick reference on the latest updates and analysis. You can also subscribe to updates on that page, so you find out about new releases as-they-happen.

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