Fall 2017 | A Newsletter for Customers and Friends of Abanaki Corporation

How to Tell What Skimmer You Need for Your Machine Coolant

Have you ever looked at your coolant and wondered what type skimmer would work best in your machine sump? You will learn which skimmers to use when: You only have limited access to coolant sump, Your oil doesn’t seem to skim, You need a large amount of oil skimmed quickly, You have fluctuating coolant levels, Can’t decide between skimmer types, And more. Watch Video

Cut Coolant Costs by Removing More Tramp Oils with New Oil Boss© (Version B) Oil Skimmer

The new Abanaki Oil Boss (version B) oil skimmer provides cost-savings by removing oil contamination, prolonging the life of the coolant. The patent-pending Oil Boss (Version B) is designed for machines requiring a higher than normal amount of tramp oil removal. This new high-capacity unit removes and discharges the tramp oil constantly. The Abanaki Oil Boss (Version B) operates unattended using a specially-designed discharge facilitator, automatically discharging the tramp oil as it is collected. It eliminates the need for manual draining of the collected waste oil. Get Brochure

The Ultimate Coolant Maintenance Guide from the World’s Most-Trusted Oil Skimming Brand

Abanaki’s coolant maintenance guide is a must if you have machining centers in your facility. It explains how removing tramp oil extends coolant life, reducing costs and disposal liabilities. Get Free Guide Now

A Compact Oil Skimmer with a Compact Price

The Mighty Disk provides an inexpensive way to remove unwanted tramp oils from CNC coolants and parts washers with all the quality that you expect from Abanaki! The Mighty Disk tramp oil skimmer cuts cost and can be used almost anywhere. Get Brochure


The world leader in oil skimming, Abanaki manufactures a wide range of products to remove oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons from wastewater and groundwater. Oil skimming is the lowest-cost, lowest-maintenance way to remove oil from water, and Abanaki skimmers are proven in thousands of installations around the world. Today, under the corporate motto “Clean Our World®”, Abanaki addresses pollution in industry through low total cost of ownership, constant innovation, and environmental stewardship.


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