Online Banking Makes Your Financial Life Easier

Posted by Gary Hall on Oct 4, 2017 3:53:03 PM
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From paying bills to checking  your accounts, Online Banking is a great feature. ChoiceOne Online Banking makes everything you do with your finances faster and easier. Online Banking is a convenient means of banking when you’re travelling, at home or in the office.


ChoiceOne Online Banking allows you to do the following:

  • Access images of your checks
  • Pay bills online
  • Make Person-to-Person payments
  • Review past statements
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make ChoiceOne consumer loan payments
  • Export your account information into Quickbooks, Quicken or into a spreadsheet

Here are five Online Banking advantages that stand out with ChoiceOne Bank Online Banking for both personal and business banking:


Fewer Trips to the Bank: With traditional banking, many transactions require time-consuming trips to the bank. Few individuals or business owners have loads of extra time to spare during a business day to leave the office, battle traffic, gather up the kids, or whatever is an inconvenience during the day! Instead, individuals and business owners can conduct such transactions from the convenience of their office or home -- and even while traveling.  Use anything from a smartphone, home computer, or even send a text message to stay in touch with your banking needs.


Transfer Money Quickly: Transferring money has become one of the unique business advantages of Online Banking at ChoiceOne Bank. Businesses can initiate ACH transfers, which can be done as fast as same day and are good for direct deposits, and wire transfers, which are more immediate and best for paying a vendor quickly.  ChoiceOne Bank Online programs for personal users can transfer funds between accounts, including savings, checking, lines of credit, mortgages and loans. Transferring between accounts is easy, too.


Easy Bill Pay: Instead of dealing with the time and costs of checks, envelopes and stamps, ChoiceOne Online Banking offers an easy way to take care of your bill payments online and on time. Online bill pay allows you to pay any company, or even individuals, with a few clicks on the mouse.


Account Monitoring: Perhaps the best advantage of Online Banking is that you can monitor your Online Banking account at any time and from virtually anywhere. This is also a perk of personal banking, but businesses arguably benefit from it the most because they often deal with a large number of daily transactions.

Online Banking makes it as easy as logging into your account. And with our mobile apps, you can use your thumbprint!


Mobile Banking: ChoiceOne Bank mobile app allows you to take advantage of Online Banking on your phone. This makes Online Banking even more convenient and allows you to quickly review your accounts, check balances and transfer funds. You can also deposit checks by taking a photo of your check with your smart device. Just make sure you are always using a secure network.


Make your financial life easier. If you are an existing ChoiceOne Bank customer, you can enroll for our Online Banking service. Please contact your nearest office or the Bank’s Customer Service Center at (888) 775-6687 for assistance on how you can enroll for ChoiceOne Bank Online Banking service.