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July 2017 Edition

Your community, your story

Every five years, the release of new Census data is a major event at .id, as it is for everyone in the country. 

As the news media wrangled Census data into headlines this month, we saw a huge spike in the number of people accessing our free online tools.

People everywhere wanted to understand the story of their community for themselves.

This is so important. While the big-picture trends are fascinating, what we see at a national level can vary markedly to what is occurring locally.

Overnight, we updated our community profile with 2016 Census information for 30 topics at a small area geography. 

What does that mean? As an example, up until now, you could see information for The City of Sydney. But now you can see how age structures vary between Darlinghurst and Ultimo (suburbs within that council area).

Throughout these updates, our engineers have worked behind-the-scenes to deliver our fastest Census update ever. Meanwhile, our team of demographers, forecasters, economists and Census experts have written some terrific pieces of analysis - links to some of the most popular ones below.

As both experts in their respective fields and regular users of our online tools in their work consulting to governments and businesses, our team have written insightful pieces that exemplify how our tools are designed to be used - not just to find a number, but to tell a story.

Author Ivan


Vacant dwellings: just a coastal phenomenon?

Census data results


Vacant dwellings get a bad rap in the mainstream press and social media, but is there really an epidemic of unoccupied housing? 
We look at the distribution of vacant dwellings in Australia, and where the highest vacancy rates were found. 


Are children staying at home longer?

Are children staying at home longer? 'Leaving home already?'


There has been a lot of talk about housing affordability in recent years, particularly housing affordability for young people. 

So has the rise in gourmet breakfasts coincided with the now infamous 'smashed avocado' generation staying in the family home for longer?



Measuring generosity in communities

measuring generosity in our communities


On a recent trip to Gisborne, on New Zealand's North Island, a random act of kindness from a stranger prompted Penny to investigate how we measure generosity in our communities, and how we stack up against the rest of the world.



Where is the love? Relationship status, marriage and divorce in Australia

Migration trends Australian Census


The 2016 Census revealed that marriage is becoming less common in Australia.

Nearly every age bracket up to 65-69 years of age had a higher proportion of residents who had 'never been married' than five years ago.

So what's driving this change?


Census predictions

So how did Glenn do?

Census predictions - so how did Glenn do?


In September last year, as the Census collection was wrapping up, our Census expert, Glenn, made some very bold predictions about what the 2016 Census would reveal about Australia. 

When the data were released, it was time to see how he went.



Are less New Zealanders moving across the ditch?

Are fewer New Zealanders moving to Australia?


As a business operating in both Australia and New Zealand, we are interested in the migration trends between the two countries.

For most of the early 2000s and 2010s, Australia saw a steady influx of New Zealand born residents. However, the last few years have seen a change in the trend.


Track our Census updates

Be the first to know about each new release



This year, we’re releasing Census updates incrementally, so you can access the most popular datasets faster.

We've already released three major updates giving you access to the latest information on over 20 topics. 

Bookmark our Census update tracker page as a quick reference on the latest updates and analysis. You can also subscribe to updates on that page, so you find out about new releases as-they-happen.


Final word

The death of the great Australian dream?

Census results show Australia's most popular religion is 'no religion'


If we had a dollar for every time someone asked us about families with children living in apartments, we could probably shut our doors and retire comfortably. 

The decline of the Australian dream (a quarter acre block for the kids to play cricket in) may be a reality, but while the typical backyard might have changed, it's not just a story of high-rise living either.

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