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Seeing Positive Results from Summer Internship in DC

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Jul 13, 2017

image21.jpgThis week I worked a lot on business development. I looked into various new pieces of legislation and how they could hurt or benefit potential parties. I then looked at which companies we could talk to and try and represent. I looked in depth at their company product or service and create a list of potential points that we could help them solve. I then used the information I found to create a strategy about how to accomplish these goals and land the company as a client.


The rest of my week was spent finishing up various other tasks and projects given throughout my internship. I completed research on various company portfolios and certain areas of healthcare policy for clients. I also covered a briefing by Politico called “Is Population Health Popping,” which explained a lot of the current research and stances around population health as a concept. I learned that population health is a way to care for patients from beginning of life to end of life but it treats all aspects of life. This means that it is a type of care that attempts to treat social and environmental causes of disease to prevent future complications and chronic conditions. Population health focuses mainly on preventative care taking into account that there is more to healthcare than medicine.This approach includes a sort of public health standpoint in addition to traditional health coverage. I also learned that Oregon created a whole program around this type of thinking and they are seeing some very positive results from it.

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Kevin Forsyth is a rising senior, majoring in Medical and Health Humanities, Nursing, and Philosophy. He is completing a summer internship at Chamber Hill Strategies, a public policy and consulting firm, in Washington, DC to fulfill his fieldwork requirement for the Medical and Health Humanities degree.


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