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Getting the Experience to be Career-Ready in DC

Posted by Guest Student Blogger on Jul 5, 2017

This week I felt a lot more comfortable with working in Washington D.C. I have become more accustomed to the fast paced life style. In addition to the conference calls I was allowed to sit on, I got to accompany another member of the Chamber Hill Strategies firm to a few meetings with some of the staff of a Senator.


This was an awesome experience, and I was able to ask these individuals about what it is they do in the Senator’s office and how the office works in general. I got plenty of feedback and they seemed eager to share the ins and outs of the political sphere. I listened about how they spoke about their research into current issues, what the Senator’s constituents were worried about, and how they use both of these factors to advise the Senator on how to best represent the people. I also continued my research into the Telehealth strategy memo and submitted my rough draft for review, and I am currently awaiting for the feedback from Jenn.


I was also tasked with collecting information on potential clients. I looked into what each of these companies does, what projects they are currently working on, and their potential application. I also looked into where each of these companies was based and what issues they lobbied on in the past and which lobbyists helped them to pursue their ultimate lobbying goals. Lastly, I covered how each of these companies interacts with the federal government and any issues that we would be positioned to assist them with as our clients. This gathering of information allowed me to assist in the development of a pitch strategy that our firm would be able to use to show these potential clients what we could offer them and differentiate us from any firm or lobbyists they have used in the past. Additionally, Jenn also took me to the Congressional Baseball game which had a record turnout with all proceeds going to charity.

  • Kevin Forsyth is a rising senior, majoring in Medical and Health Humanities, Nursing, and Philosophy. He is completing a summer internship at Chamber Hill Strategies, a public policy and consulting firm, in Washington, DC to fulfill his fieldwork requirement for the Medical and Health Humanities degree.
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