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June 2017
Census Update Edition!

Sleepless excitement

When you were a child, remember what it was like on Christmas Eve or your birthday? The sleepless excitement of anticipation?

Well, that’s what it’s been like for many of us at .id as we waited for the Australian census release.

We are excited because, although there was a crisis collecting the Census (earning the hashtag #censusfail), the Census did not actually fail. The 2016 Census achieved a 96% response rate!

Let’s be clear, Australians did not have an issue with participating in the Census - they were simply inconvenienced by the ABS website outage.We filled in our forms regardless, which is good news for making informed decisions.

We took delivery of the fresh data on Tuesday, and are now busily working to update our community profile tools with the new data for our subscribers across Australia.

Stay tuned for the onslaught of facts, figures and stories!

Author Ivan


..or was it?

Census data results


As most Australians are well aware, the 2016 Census didn’t go exactly as planned, with the website outage and other issues inevitably leading to questions of data quality.
On Tuesday, we received the main release of data from the ABS, along with some commentary on data quality.

2016 Census updates

Census topics - the community has spoken

Census in a nutshell


As we made our final preparations to receive the 2016 Australian Census data from the ABS, we were interested to hear from our community as to which Census topics you wanted us to update first in our community profiles.


Australia’s changing age structure



We often hear that Australia’s population is ageing, but is that the whole story?  

While there’s no doubt there is an element of population ageing, there are other age-related trends going on too...



Australia’s changing cultural diversity – top 10 places of origin for people born overseas

Migration trends Australian Census


Birthplace has probably been the most discussed topic in the office since the Census data was released! It’s one of the topics where we see the most change, and it's a great reflection of Australia’s past, present and future.



Why did the Estimated Resident Population change?

Estimated Resident Population Change


You may have noticed that as part of the 2016 Census data release, the ABS releases updated Estimated Resident Population (ERP) figures for Australia and the states.

When we look at these new state-based ERPs, some interesting revisions have been made, so we thought we’d try to explain what has happened.


.id product updates

When will 2016 Census data be available?



Now the ABS has released 2016 Census data, we are working to progressively update our online tools. 
Read more about our update schedule for our community profile, economic profile, social atlas, population forecast and .id Placemaker tools.

Final word

How 'no religion' became the most common religion in Australia

Census results show Australia's most popular religion is 'no religion'


The Census is the only reputable source of data on religion in Australia, but it’s also the only optional question on the Census form!

In the 2016 Census, the ABS made an important change to the religion question on the Census form, placing the option for “no religion” at the top of the answers.

This arguably affects the results, but let’s have a look at what they actually were...

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