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May 2017

Treaty now?

The 27th May marked the 50th anniversary of the landmark referendum to recognise Aboriginal people in the Australian Constitution and to officially include Aboriginal people in population counts. Glenn has written a fascinating short history of counting indigenous populations in the Australian Census, which is receiving quite a bit of attention from our blog readers.

I note that the ‘Uluru talks’ conducted at the National Indigenous Constitutional Convention suggest that the leaders, have rejected the idea of constitutional recognition and will instead push towards a Treaty. You can read their full Uluru Statement from the Heart here.

There must be some things that Australia can learn from New Zealand regarding the Treaty of Waitangi and the benefits that has yielded the indigenous Maori people. There is certainly a different mindset in New Zealand towards a greater respect towards Maori rights. New Zealand is a bicultural nation and the Maori are seen as politically equal Treaty partners.

Isn’t this something Australia can aim for sooner than later?

Author Ivan


What’s driving the change in Western Australia’s housing?

Economic development newsletter.jpg


As Australia’s population grows, the way Australians consume housing is changing. The surge in higher density residential development means that more households than ever are living in smaller homes than the past. How does household size affect housing demand?

Population forecasting

What goes into developing population forecasts?

Agecare Newsletter.jpg


You may know that here at .id we create population forecasts to help our clients understand future demand for services and infrastructure, but have you ever wondered what goes into developing a population forecast?

Economic trends

5 headline stories from the latest economic data



National Economics (NIEIR) has released the latest economic data for all Local Government Areas, which has now been updated in all economy.id sites. We thought we’d update you on some of the latest spatial economic trends across Australia.


New Zealand

Pacific statistics: Census of a small island nation



With the help of Statistics New Zealand, the Pacific Island territory of Tokelau undertook their Census in October 2016 and have recently released the full results. Speedy huh!? What did the results show?


State of the Sector report

The definitive report for local governments and community leaders



.id recently partnered with Local Government Professionals Australia to produce the State of the Sector report, which was launched last week in Hobart at the National Congress. The report highlights the trends and stories affecting Australia today and what impact they have on local government. 

Learn how you can convert data into knowledge and craft an evidence-based narrative for your community.


End of a great financial year



We are fast approaching the end of the financial year and are receiving many enquiries about our products and services. Leftover budget at the end of the financial year provides a great opportunity to add to your tool kit.

With the 2016 Census results due to be released soon, let us know if you would like to talk to one of our consultants about your needs for next year.


Final word

Recognising indigenous populations in the Census: a short history



27 May 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of a landmark referendum for the Aboriginal people of Australia. Two significant changes to the constitution were made: to recognise Aboriginal people in Australia (by allowing the government to pass laws that include Aboriginal people) and to count them in the population. 50 years on, how have these changes impacted Australia?
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