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ISSUE: #6 | MAY/ 2017

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This May marks the establishment of our fourth office location, in New York City! This next step in Fairbanks Energy's expansion will help us better serve customers in the Tri-State area. This month we also continued our efforts in the theme of thought leadership, with an article authored by our President, Peter Fairbanks featured in the Boston Business Journal, and an interview with our Executive Vice President of Controls, Ken Rackowski, both found below!

 In the following newsletter:

  • In the News:  A review of our recent press release announcing our new office in New York City
  • President's Piece: Peter Fairbanks authors a piece at Boston Business Journal, making the case for colleges and universities to use their endowment fund to finance efficiency on campus
  • Employee Interview: We sat down with Ken Rackowski to discuss his experience and the latest trends in the controls industry 
  • Case Study Spotlight: Check out our recent BMS project at Analog Devices in Norwood, MA

As always, we remain active in the energy industry and we'll keep you updated along the way.

If you have questions about our company or your next efficiency project, just reach out.


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Fairbanks Energy Expands to New York City with Opening of New Office 

Fairbanks Energy Services has announced the next step in its strategic expansion with the establishment of its newest office in New York City. Located at 111 W. 19th Street, New York, NY, 10011, the launch of the New York branch of Fairbanks Energy will service businesses throughout the metropolitan area as they seek to reduce their energy usage and optimize their operations.

Through this new office, Fairbanks Energy will prioritize:

  • Implementing proven energy efficiency solutions that lower energy usage and save on overall capital expenditure for businesses in a diverse array of sectors
  • Increasing the availability of energy conservation initiatives for New York based commercial and industrial organizations, including data centers
  • Expanding existing work with utility programs, including ConEd and NYSERDA, to maximize the financial outcomes of efficiency projects
  • Growing the company’s overall presence and building strategic partnerships throughout the region

Read our full press release   announcement here >>>

President's PIECE


"As colleges seek endowment returns, energy investments could be safest bet"
Peter Fairbanks, President of Fairbanks Energy, authors a piece at Boston Business Journal
on investing in efficiency improvements at college and university campuses. 

peter_fairbanks.jpg"In the last 3 - 4 years there has been a significant movement to invest in green improvements on the university campus, primarily to promote sustainability. Sustainability and efficiency improvements are good policies for many reasons: wise use of limited resources, reduction of pollution, work towards going carbon neutral, etc. In the narrow focus of making the best endowment investment, the most compelling reason for investing in efficiency improvements on the college campus is that they produce both the safest and the highest financial return of any investment that could be made."

Read Peter's full piece here >>>


ken.jpg "It’s Under Control: An Interview with Ken Rackowski, Executive Vice President, Controls Division, Fairbanks Energy Services"


Ken Rackowski, Executive Vice President of Fairbanks Energy’s Control Division, is a veteran of the building automation industry. With over 30 years of engineering and management experience related to controls systems and HVAC design, Ken has worked with and modified every type of BMS on the market. We recently sat down with Ken and dove into some questions surrounding his experience and thoughts on trends and best practices for the controls industry. 

Case Study spotlight


Analog Devices

Analog Devices' Norwood, MA campus had an antiqued BMS system that needed to be updated due to instability and loss of support for the existing supervisor’s operating system. They called in Fairbanks Energy's team of engineers, who completed a full Building Management System Upgrade at the campus. As a result, Analog’s upgraded BMS now allows for better control over the various systems in their facility, with the ability to manage all of the corporate campus’s monitoring, alarming, scheduling, and history functions seamlessly. 

 Click below to see how we achieved these results:

Analog Devices Project >>>

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