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April 2017

Macro knowledge is good, but local understanding is essential

Most experts seem to be right on top of analysing social and economic change at the macro level. But isn’t it at the local area level – the community level - that impacts are actually felt by people?

While macro trends are compelling and important to understand for context, we need to know and present what the economic and social changes mean at the local level. Yes, there is currently a transition occurring in our economies to more service-based industries. Yes, housing has become less affordable. Yes, we need to build infrastructure to meet the needs a rapidly changing economy. Yes, we need access to the best education to build our skills for now and the future. But planning to meet these needs can only be effectively done if we understand how to deliver at the regional, suburban, township or even the neighbourhood level – to communities. Identifying and understanding the different roles that places play; how that is likely to change in future; and what policy interventions are required to achieve desirable outcomes for our communities is our life’s work at .id.

This is why we spend so much of our effort beating data into submission to make it relevant at the local area level. It is why our demographic and economic forecast modelling works at the local area level. It is too, why we love mapping to present a compelling story about places based on evidence. This is also why we love the census because it is the most comprehensive and definitive ‘small area’ data set we have. At .id, we strive to understand the macro social and economic changes afoot and use our rare expertise to interpret what they mean at the local community level.

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Economic trends

How much is an Aluminium worker worth?

Economic development newsletter.jpg


The Federal and Victorian Governments recently announced a $230 million bailout for Alcoa, a large Aluminium smelter based in the western Victorian town of Portland. Is the bailout good value for investmemt?

Population forecasting

The devil is in the detail – why planning at the right level matters

Agecare Newsletter.jpg


Our clients voice their frustration with using regular population forecast information – whether it’s geography that is too big for accurate planning, infrequent updates, or underlying assumptions that are ambiguous or hard to trust. In this article, we explore how using the right level of detail for population forecast information can make a big difference to your planning efforts.

Local government

Future population growth in Canberra’s diverse region



Planning for future population growth and change in southern New South Wales just got a little easier with the publication of population and dwelling forecasts for each of the eight member councils of the Canberra Region Joint Organisation (CBRJO). The Canberra region not only covers a wide geographic area, but it is incredibly diverse in terms of the drivers of population change.


Population trends

Australia’s top 20 fastest growing areas



It’s that time of year again (not just the AFL season), the ABS has released 2016 Estimated Resident Population (ERP) figures for Local Government Areas and other small area geographies in Australia. Where are Australia's fastest growing areas? 


Inside .id

We are hiring!



We are currently seeking a talented, enthusiastic and experienced Senior Full Stack .NET Developer/Architect with a background in developing complex web-based applications from concept to delivery. 

Final word

How to profile your local community like a pro



With the 2016 Australian Census results due to be released over the coming months, we thought we’d write about how you can get the most out of the new Census data using .id’s online community tools and resources. .id works with over 250 councils in Australia to develop community profile information tools that are made available to the public as community planning resources. In this article, we will show you where you can find relevant community data and how to effectively analyse this information using our online community profile tool.
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