What has been leaked, debated, revised and releaked? Why it's the Federal Budget 2017 of course!
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Hi Friend,

What a week ahead :) Its the Super Bowl of Australian Financial Services…. (squeal of excitement)…  Federal Budget 2017.

Next Tuesday all will be revealed, after months of Government “leaks” (ha!), endless speculation and a ton of vested interests driving media coverage.

We, at BlueChip, are waiting in the stands, hot dogs and beer in hand (if only!), eager to see the final results.

We may think we know what is coming but no one can ever be too prepared. Read on for help on crafting your message, practising your speeches and then a brilliant new app to read the breaking news on.

See you all on the other side,

P.S. Don't underestimate the power of Subs, or you'll be crying for your 'Momy'!


Five ways to make sure your Budget 2017 message is heard

Five ways to make sure your Budget 2017 message is heard

With so much Budget clutter is it possible to achieve cut-through in your PR and marketing? And is it worth the effort?

We say yes!

Don’t make your Budget 2017 communication boring, read our five ways to make sure your message is heard.

Presenting 101

OK, so you’ve sorted your message. Now it’s time to prepare for your public speaking engagement…Eek!

Fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, can be debilitating.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of presenting to ease your worries.  

Presenting 101

The News App That You’ve Never Heard Of

The news app that you’ve never heard of

After all this heavy budget preparation, we need Silicon Valley to create a shiny new app to make it easy for us to curate all the news posts.

Tautiao, based just outside Bejing, have piped them to the post with this incredible app that not only curates headline recommendations, but is even able to spot fake news.